Monday, May 2, 2016

2 Weeks Post-Op

It's somewhat hard for me to believe it's already been 2 weeks! It seems like it's flown by, and taken forever to get here, all at the same time!

I am feeling shockingly well, at least compared to what I anticipated feeling like. I'm sleeping back in my bed. I'm able to move around with little or no pain. Physically, I'm great. I feel so lucky for that. I mean I really had some crazy shit running through my head prior to surgery about all of the things that would/could be an issue. At one point I was certain I wouldn't be able to wipe my own ass. Seriously. I had a talk with my sisters about it. I told them I was concerned they may have to do it for me. Luckily - it never came to that. Partially because I wasn't nearly as immobile as I thought I'd be, and also because it took until Thursday for me to take my first shit. Five days! I guess that makes sense when I'm literally taking in NOTHING. Water, popsicles, jello, broth....that's about it. It was nuts.

After my first week of clear liquids I got to graduate onto a couple of new things. I could have cream of wheat (gag) but wasn't interested. Instead I opted for either flavored greek yogurt or tomato soup. I could have 2 tablespoons of one or the other, three times a day. It really felt like I was getting a huge treat after weeks of non-stop protein shakes and clear liquids. Then I found out I had to water down the yogurt when I had it. Everything needed to be the consistency of apple sauce - and slide off my spoon like apple sauce. I had gotten myself some Panera tomato soup from Target, but quickly learned I couldn't have that - - it had tomato skins in it. Everything I had for these next 2 weeks called "full liquids" had to be completely smooth. No chunks of anything. Luckily Wendy gave me some Trader Joe's tomato soup to get me through week 1. I also had to have protein shakes - so I could get myself close to 65grams of protein a day.

About Thursday the nausea hit. It would appear around the time of my protein shakes. The yogurt and soup would go down just fine, but I'd gag trying to drink my protein shakes. I spent the next 2 days - including one at a family wedding/reunion - feeling like hell. Then my friend Melissa came to my rescue! She gave me a couple of different flavors of protein powder to try, and asked if I'd tried almond milk. Good grief! Why didn't I think of that?!?! I am not a milk drinker. I don't think I've consumed a half gallon of milk in the last 10 years combined, and I'd been drinking milk for what was basically 4 weeks straight now. My body was not having it any longer. I got myself some unsweetened almond coconut milk and tried those new flavors -- I'm sitting pretty now! I called the nurse today to insure these changes are OK - and we're good to go! Melissa - you are a life saver. Thank you! And I also have a nice reserve of homemade tomato soup from my aunt Karlene. It is fantastic. Definitely going to make the last week of this phase go so much easier!

Because I'm consuming next to no calories, my goal is to walk 5 minutes, 4 times a day. I go walk around my block, which is a good fit for my timeframe. By the time I get to the end of my walk, I typically feel woozy. Seriously. Kind of light headed. I can't wait to get onto some more foods, so I can get some energy back!

There is a line of staples that created my new tummy
Monday the 9th I get to start my one week of pureed foods. I know - that sounds disgusting - but it is necessary. I have to allow my new baby tummy to heal. But there is some good news -- I get to add in some new flavors!! Everything still has to be super-liquidy, but I can have refried beans with hot sauce, or taco sauce. I can make egg salad - a hard boiled egg with mayo and mustard. I can season things so they have some flavor!! I can have pureed chicken or turkey - but let's be serious....I don't think there is one chance in hell I would be able to get that down the hatch. The thought makes me gag. It's only one week. I can do it! I've been told after that that I can actually chew things. Soft things - but not pureed things none-the-less!  I posted one day last week that I'd do unspeakable things for a taco...that still holds true. Not because I want to eat junk, but because I can't wait to consume something that makes some noise!

At this point, I've determined that it is no wonder people lose weight with this surgery. If you follow the eating plan they put in place you don't have to do a thing. You'll BORE the weight right off you. For real. I am now on week 6 of the same boring shit. Yes - I got to add in a nibble of yogurt and a thimble of tomato soup - but for the most part everything is the same! I'm not working this weight off - - it's running away because it's so damn bored!! But I guess it gets me to my goal in the end, right?

To end this post I need to send some long-overdue thank yous. To my sisters and mom who took such good care of me my first days at home. To my brother-in-law who covered their insanely busy lives so my sister could take the time to take care of me. To my friends and family who are just awesome every time I see any of them! To those that have sent cards and messages and follow my social media accounts - - I am so lucky to have this amazing support system around me. I am more grateful than I can adequately express. I appreciate you all so much. Let's keep kicking a little ass.


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