About Me

145# down, attempting a yoga pose w/ my sister Mackenzie

"Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip." - Arnold H. Glasgow

Here are some details about me....in the event that you are really bored, and have some time to kill....

Name: Natalie Kath

Age: Ain't nothin' but a number...and mine is 41

I Am From: Minnesota (Shout out to the Upper Midwest!)

My Favorite Color: uummm..... PINK! And green. And...all of them, really.

My Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids 

Ramble: I have always been a “big” girl. Through high school, I was always in sports, and really active – so it wasn’t such an issue. College brought a much more sedentary life-style, and a diet consisting primarily of pizza and beer. As I sat, and ate, and drank – my ass began to expand, and continued to expand. Shocking, I know. 

In December 2009 my family intervened, and I attended a 4-week “Fat camp” in February/March of 2010. I originally started this blog at the insistence of my sister Wendy, but continued after I returned home because I loved it. I lost my motivation, and stopped blogging assuming no one wanted to read about my continued failure.

I try to be as honest as possible about what life is like for me, trapped in this over-sized, over-eating, never cooperating body. I share what I'm doing, what I'm going through, what I'm feeling - while trying to get through this journey to mental and physical health, without losing my sanity!

In August of 2010, a book I wrote for pre-teen girls who struggle with their weight, was printed. It's called "The Summer I Lost It", and I was pretty stoked about it. It was basically printed for school and public libraries, but I believe it was available for a wider audience in paperback in January 2012.

I am currently in the midst of a daily battle to change my old habits into healthy ones…while maintaining my sense of humor.

Fast forward to July 2015. I'm 40. I have repeatedly lost the battle to get my weight under control. I am finally going to listen to my doctor, and give bariatric surgery a shot. My Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy  was scheduled for April 18, 2016. 

Things have been going relatively well since I had a large portion of my stomach, as well as my gallbladder, removed. I'm going to do my best to document my experiences via this blog, my Facebook page and Instagram. Please join me....