Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shout Out: Katie

There are a lot of times that I wonder if anyone is out there. If what I am rambling about is finding someone, and speaking to them in some way. If it is helping someone else realize that they aren't alone. That their struggle with weight, although their own personal struggle, is not something only they deal with. I get comments occasionally. There are people who interact on our Facebook page. There are people who follow me on Twitter. I love all of these more than you know.

I have been slacking on my entries lately. I was going through a period of self-doubt. I wasn't sure if me sharing what I'm going through was helping anyone. And not just you guys out there...but me. Was spilling my guts on how much I struggle at times helping? Is allowing the world into my head and heart doing anyone any good? Should I have advertised it to everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter and all of my friends and family? Or is it just providing ammunition to those that don't struggle with a similar issue? The people that don't understand why I fall off the wagon...frequently. The people who don't understand why I don't just eat well, and go to the gym every day - without fail. I was really having an internal battle over whether or not to continue with this.

And then last week I got my answer. I received the email below. I can't explain how much it meant to me to get it. I am so excited for Katie. She stuck to it, and is sticking to it! And she's improving her life! It might not be at the rate she'd like - let's be NEVER goes as fast as we'd like! But she's doing it! And I am so proud of her. And the fact that I could have helped, in any way, is just so......amazing.

So I'm going to continue. I'm going to keep being honest about what I'm going through (like the bag of Cheetos I had this week, and finshed). I hope you guys will continue to stick with me. And I hope you'll update me on how your life is going. Because I need you guys, too. You motivate me. You remind me that I'm not the only one that has ever wanted to rip their FUPA off and beat the shit out of it because they're so frustrated. You help me.

And Katie - SHOUT OUT to you! For sticking with it. For sending me that email, when I really needed it. And for being one kick-ass broad!

Here is the email:

Just thought I’d let you know…it’s been about a year-ish since I started reading your blog and I’ve lost 25 lbs. It’s only 25 lbs and I’m still in the same size of clothes (because I apparently have to lose 80 before I move a size) but then again, it’s 25 lbs!!! Your blog is truly helping me. I figure I’ve got nothing but time, so however long this takes me to lose, that’s how long it takes me. I’ve learned from your blog that I’m not the only one struggling and that I just have to get back on the horse. That it’s okay to have a bad day, week or even a couple weeks…I just have to keep going.


Have a good day!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5k's of walking

Now I know that a 5K isn't that much. And for the most part, 3.1 miles doesn't seem like that much to me anymore, either. But when you take some time off from the treadmill, and spend the bulk of your cardio time on some sort of elliptical, your heels can become soft. At least they can when you are delicate and sensitive - like a peach wrapped in a flower - like I am. This is not the end of the world, but it will cause some issues when you hope on the treadmill for your beginning 5k for the 90DWLC! I was about 1/2 way through when it felt like I may have rubbed all of the skin off, and might be down to bone on my left heel. And when you walk like I do - sssllllooooooowwwwwlllllllyyyyyyyy - half way means you still have a lot of time left! So I gritted my teeth, focused on SportsCenter and the cute baseball players, and pressed on. I had another distraction when I was down to .55 miles left - my iPod died. It went silent. It locked up on me. But there will be more about that later.

By the time I finished my walk, I had grown immune to the pain. I didn't even look at my shoe or heel. I was on a high from having completed it. When I hopped in the shower I was reminded of the open wound now on my body as soon as the water hit it. But that searing pain subsided as well. It wasn't until 2 days later that I noticed that there was blood on my shoe. Gross. So basically - I need to get my ass on the treadmill more often, so my heels can toughen up a bit. I went through the same thing a few months ago when I started walking a lot more. This damn delicate body of mine can soften up in no time!

So my starting 5k time is 1hr12min14sec. The good news is that I have a lot of room for improvement. If I can maybe shed a decent amount of Remus over the next 3 months, I'll feel like I'm flying! So I was OK with my time. I realize it is slow as hell - but oh well. Life will go on. Then I was watching the times from the Boston Marathon come in. The fastest woman was at like 2 hours and 22 minutes. To run 26.2 miles. it took her one extra hour to go 19 miles. Holy shit! That is ridiculous!! Not that it makes me feel any differently about my time - but I just thought that was a shocking number to share! Amazing!

And here is my week's highlight. For those of you that know me well, you are well aware of my electronics obsession. I have had just about every iPod made at one time or another. I have a deep seeded need for a iPad, although I have no actual requirement for one. I love new phones and gadgets. I am the IT specialist for my parents, and usually have a "test" (something to look at and attempt to fix) or two when I visit. I have spent so many dollars with Apple, I hate to even begin to guess how much it might be. But here is where that comes in handy. When I got on my treadmill for my 5k, I couldn't get the tuner to come in clearly for the ESPN TV unless I had my iPod clipped to the collar of my shirt. Now...for the average gym-goer, this would be no issue. For me - sweaty mcsweaterson, it is a huge issue. I don't glisten. I don't look "dewey". I SWEAT! Like my whole t-shirt is drenched when I am done, sweat. So needless to say, my iPod got wet, which caused the "it died" issue. I took it home (not realizing that it getting wet was the issue) and tried to fix it myself (I have had many issues over the years - all of which I have been able to eventually fix on my own). I spent about 2 hours between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning trying to fix it. It would show glimpses of working, and then spaz out on me again. I surrendered. I called the Apple store at Southdale. I made an appointment for that afternoon. I walked in and got to see my guy right away. It took him 20 seconds to discover it was wet. He starts clicking away on his phone, and tells me they can get me a replacement for free. FOR FREE!!! Now I don't know about you - but that doesn't happen to me. I am guessing that when he scanned the serial number it showed them how many devices I currently own (3) and how many I have purchased over time (10+) and how many dollars I have spent on iTunes (45 bajillion). It was supposed to take 7-10 days, and it took one. The moral of this story is: Don't sweat on your iPod, but if you do Apple might just be awesome about it.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Return

Hello everyone! My apologies for my extended absence! I could get into the myriad of reasons for this too-long hiatus, but the simplest way of putting it is: I was dealing with a lot of shit - brought on by a series of errant personal and financial decisions. I was getting a big thumbs down from life for my efforts. I was feeling much less than inspiring - and didn't want to project my crap on to all of you. The good news is that I have got things turned around, and heading in a much more stable and workable direction. Basically - it's time to get this ship (and by ship, I mean swollen body and multiple FUPAs) moving full steam ahead!

Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten myself back to the gym on a regular basis. Today (Monday) I also did my weigh in for the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge through my gym. There are a couple of friends and supporters of SDtS doing it also! I figure for $25 I can at a minimum have a slight incentive to get my rear to the gym, and stop hoovering crap - and if this is somehow, miraculously, the motivation I need - I could win a free gym membership for a year and a trip to a spa in California. What have I got to lose? So I am going to need you guys. I need you to comment on this blog, or write on our Facebook wall, or "Tweet" me on Twitter - with all of the things you are doing to be healthier. Did you exercise? Tell me about it. Did you choose veggies over chips? I'd love to hear about it! People doing positive things, and making healthy choices, inspires me to want to do the same. Plus, selfishly, I love hearing from all of you! It helps me want to do better than I have been. I need all of you. =)

So this morning I had my weigh in for the 90DWLC. I met with a personal trainer named Doug. Bless his heart - he is just no YC. While talking to him, he told me - and I am serious about this - that not only should I watch my carbs (I know this is true - but it is also sad. I LOVE my carbs, people!) - but he also told me I should watch my fruit and vegetable intake. If I want veggies, I should stick to dark leafy greens as much as possible - and when I do eat veggies, I should really have some protein with it. Really?!?! Now I can't just eat fruits and vegetables and trust I'm making a decent decision? Everything needs to be accompanied by protein? I told him that sounded like a nightmare, and probably wasn't going to happen, but I appreciated his input.

So off I go on the next chapter in the life of a girl just working on Slimming Down to Sexy....Eventually. 

What have you guys been up to while I was gone?