Monday, April 11, 2011

The Return

Hello everyone! My apologies for my extended absence! I could get into the myriad of reasons for this too-long hiatus, but the simplest way of putting it is: I was dealing with a lot of shit - brought on by a series of errant personal and financial decisions. I was getting a big thumbs down from life for my efforts. I was feeling much less than inspiring - and didn't want to project my crap on to all of you. The good news is that I have got things turned around, and heading in a much more stable and workable direction. Basically - it's time to get this ship (and by ship, I mean swollen body and multiple FUPAs) moving full steam ahead!

Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten myself back to the gym on a regular basis. Today (Monday) I also did my weigh in for the 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge through my gym. There are a couple of friends and supporters of SDtS doing it also! I figure for $25 I can at a minimum have a slight incentive to get my rear to the gym, and stop hoovering crap - and if this is somehow, miraculously, the motivation I need - I could win a free gym membership for a year and a trip to a spa in California. What have I got to lose? So I am going to need you guys. I need you to comment on this blog, or write on our Facebook wall, or "Tweet" me on Twitter - with all of the things you are doing to be healthier. Did you exercise? Tell me about it. Did you choose veggies over chips? I'd love to hear about it! People doing positive things, and making healthy choices, inspires me to want to do the same. Plus, selfishly, I love hearing from all of you! It helps me want to do better than I have been. I need all of you. =)

So this morning I had my weigh in for the 90DWLC. I met with a personal trainer named Doug. Bless his heart - he is just no YC. While talking to him, he told me - and I am serious about this - that not only should I watch my carbs (I know this is true - but it is also sad. I LOVE my carbs, people!) - but he also told me I should watch my fruit and vegetable intake. If I want veggies, I should stick to dark leafy greens as much as possible - and when I do eat veggies, I should really have some protein with it. Really?!?! Now I can't just eat fruits and vegetables and trust I'm making a decent decision? Everything needs to be accompanied by protein? I told him that sounded like a nightmare, and probably wasn't going to happen, but I appreciated his input.

So off I go on the next chapter in the life of a girl just working on Slimming Down to Sexy....Eventually. 

What have you guys been up to while I was gone?


  1. Oh, that's hilarious! I can just see some beefy personal trainer telling you not to eat too many veggies. Uhhhh..... WTF?

    I've been gaining weight while you've been gone. Seriously. But! I just got back from a 2 mile jog, so I'm feeling good. Of course, my husband is sitting across from me eating dark chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs *&$#@

  2. WOOO i missed you Nat so glad you are back and ready to take life by storm <3

  3. Welcome back! And I agree - I'd be confused if someone was telling me to watch my veggie intake.
    We have to work with what we know works for us!

  4. Glad your back Natalie. Let me know when you want to come down and Zumba! We are moving into our new studio on May 1st, you NEED to come check it out!

  5. Welcome back! And glad to hear you're back to a regular gym schedule and everything. But um, I'm righ along with you on the personal trainer. If someone tried to take away my carbs, I'd whack them over the head with one of my beloved cereal boxes. ;)

  6. I am going to pretend that he did not say that about veggies. I will continue to eat a lot of veggies and think that I am doing the best thing for my body...
    Also, I have a little trick that I use, maybe it can help someone out there. Late at night, I usually get an idea in my head that a snack would be awesome, so instead, I make myself some hot tea and put a little bit of honey in it. It seriously erases my want for an unnecessary snack.
    Welcome back to the blogging world sister! I really want you to win that trip to Cali...YOU CAN DO IT!


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