Friday, March 4, 2011

Adios, Wisconsin!

I cannot believe my time here is up! In some ways this 9 months has seemed to take forever - but in many more it really did fly by. I do not regret my decision to come here. At the time I did, I think it was the best thing for me to do. I was a mess,(that is not to say I am not currently a mess. I am more than willing to admit I spend much of my time in this category! =)) had recently lost my job and was trying to figure out what to do with myself. Basically - a little solitude did me some good!

I can honestly say, I have had enough "me" time for a while. I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle that is my life at home. I can't wait to go build amazing lego creations with my nieces any time I want to. I am looking forward to being able to see my friends and family with much more frequency. I'm ready to no longer be house-bound (totally my own issue), and get out - especially now that winter will *fingers crossed* be coming to a close soon!

Sure - there are things I am going to miss.... I'll miss YC. I'll miss the other people that work at my gym - they are all so great! I'll miss being able to go to the bathroom with door open. =) I'll miss....ummm....well - I guess that is all I'll really miss.

I look forward to having gym dates. I have learned that I like to do cardio on my own - because I am in horrible shape, and don't really like sharing the extent of of my anti-cardio strength with others! =) But I'll be doing weight workouts four days a week - and if you are anything like me, it is easier to get my ass to the gym when someone is expecting to see me there! I have had a few offers already, and am looking forward to it.

So thank you, Wisconsin, for the last 9 months. I might just come back to visit.

And to Minnesota - Let's get back on track together. That means - enough snow already! And for my part, I'll get my ass back to the gym regularly. Deal?

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