Sunday, May 16, 2010

Challenge of the Fat Girl: Exercise Pants

First and foremost - I apologize for being a complete slacker with the updates to my blog.  I will be better!

I am going to get started a bit off topic - but wanted to cover one quick thing first.  My friends, the Hastings', have tickets to Twins games, and invited a friend and I to join them last Tuesday.  The best part?  They have tickets on this tiny deck that has padded folding chairs (SO COMFORTABLE) instead of the regular stadium seats (which are on the big-butt-enemy-list).  The temps were in the 40's, and the Twins didn't play that great - but it was still fantastic to see the stadium (beautiful) and those seats are amazing!

Now on to my topic for the day....  exercise pants.  For those of you that are a normal size, I am sure you are asking yourself "what is the big deal?".  Let me tell you a little secret about the overweight girl: the bigger you are, the more your thighs rub together.  What does constant rubbing cause?  Friction.  I have found that every pair of pants I have had in recent years has collapsed under the pressure - they have surrendered to the friction.  I have worn holes through my jeans, fat pants (my affectionate term for exercise pants, also referred to as FP's) - really anything I consistently wear on the bottom have of my body.  I had a couple of pairs of FP's bite the dust while at FC - and just had my favorite pair of FP's fall victim last week.  I am trying to figure out how to out-smart this issue!  If I use cotton pants, they crumble quickly.  If I use the polyester pants they make so much noise while I walk, and the friction creates HEAT!  I don't need a fire starting in my crotch at the gym!!  That would be more mortifying that falling off my treadmill (a personal fear I have every time I step on one!).  I have one pair of Danskin pants - and so far I think they might be the ticket.  They are cottonish, but appear to have some spandex in them - which is helping to hold them far.  I do realize that this is a lot of effort to be putting into pants...but when your daily uniform is FP's and a T-Shirt, you want to find things that will last!

Do any of you have a great option for plus-size exercise apparel?

I am hoping to have a busy week this week.  My sister bought herself a townhouse - so everyone is hoping she can close early this week.  It is a bit of a thistle that we are hoping to turn into a rosebush.  And time is running out - we have to have it done by May 31st, because we have to be out of our apartment.  If anyone wants to help paint, clean or move - let me know.  There are still many positions available! =)

I hope all of you are enjoying the (finally) warm weather!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Huh! Whole new meaning to the term "Fire Crotch" it!

  2. Ah, the fat pants...we are so well acquainted! Bad thing about them is that once you find a comfortable pair, you can't seem to wear anything else! Your blog is both inspiring and encouraging. I will revisit in July!


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