Monday, June 6, 2011

gym gear overhaul

I feel like I've had more going on in the last week than I have in a really, really long time! I've been getting that born-to-run feeling a little bit, and I must say - I kind of like it! I had forgotten how much better I do when I'm busy. I feel like I have purpose. And I actually get so much more done because I know I have to get crap done to get onto the next things. I am finally feeling a little bit like I'm getting my crap back together, and I love it.

Last week marked the beginning of our "Move It 2 Lose It" mission - and it looks like everyone is a little more determined this time around. I know that I am. No more putting the gym last on the list, or just blowing it off for no reason. It is a necessity. Hello! I have a sparkle head band on the line!! This is no time to mess around!! Keep your tips and totals coming in on our Facebook wall! I love seeing it, and it helps remind me to get my own rear in gear!

I also tried out some new workout pants last week! My first round of Danskin pants have finally bit the dust. I do have to say - they are the best workout pants I've tried in a long time. Let's face it - I'm a big girl, and my thighs match the rest of me - they're BIG. So they rub together. It creates a lot of friction. (to the guys out there - I know I'm really turning you on right now - but please...for me...push through!) Most pants deteriorate quickly under that kind of constant pressure. These lasted almost a year! That is like 10 years in non-fat-girl pant years.

So anyway...I had ordered myself some Danskin Dri-More Capri Leggings for the summer. They come in plus-sizes, which I love - and is very necessary for me. Something shorter, that won't be so hot when I'm working all of this bod of mine. I found a cheaper place to purchase them then the Danskin website. I went through - they have all sorts of Danskin stuff on there. And the shipping is pretty reasonable. Now...these new pants aren't really cute - but let's face it. Anything fitted on this current body of mine isn't going to be cute. They do what I need them to: they are fitted, so things don't rub together.....ouch... and they are comfy. I don't go to the gym to be a fashion-plate. If me not looking cute in my pants doesn't scare you away, the amount of sweating that I do certainly will. It is just how I roll.

As an added bonus - I used the rest of my gift card, and a pretty sweet Memorial day sale to completely restock my overly-large gym underwear (I wear huge ones to the gym - there is nothing worse than having your underwear roll down your FUPA when you get movin'!) stash as well. I feel like a whole new woman! How could I not want to go work it?

What's your favorite workout gear?


  1. Natalie, I also have the Danskin capri workout leggings and I love them! They hug your body and don't creep and more importantly, you don't feel like you've been in a Turkish bath when wearing them!

  2. I love getting new workout gear! Too bad it's usually so expensive. :/ But TJMaxx usually has some pretty sweet deals so that's good! My favorite workout gear is by far my yoga pants. They're form fitting so they don't get in the way, of course but soooo comfortable too!


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