Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime?

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Now - on to the post:

A couple of year ago, while working a collection event, I realized a shocking thing about myself. I would prefer for it to be hot...and I'm talking 90's and humid....than have it be cold. I know. I couldn't believe it myself. And when you factor in that the slightest amount of humidity in the air makes my hair turn into a lion's mane, and makes me start sweating like I'm on fire - it is even more unbelievable.

When it appeared that summer had finally arrived last weekend, I got a bit beside myself. My usual sound "pro-sunscreen" stance was temporarily shaken by jubilation over actually seeing the sun. I lathered up my face, but figured the rest of me would be fine - I was only going to be out there for a "little while". How stupid am I? My pasty winterized flesh didn't stand a chance! I was also not thinking clearly when I left Bonnie on for a while - providing me with not only a fantastic red hue - but giving me a sweet band around my ample arm. I took Bonnie off after a while, so I could burn my strap mark, also - but not before a glistening white stripe had been left. I hate being sunburned! I hate the feeling of heat radiating from my skin! I know, I know - I should be used to it! Someone as hot as I am should be used to radiating heat, right? haha But seriously. No more of this. The sunscreen Nazi is back on duty! Just in time for a nice cold snap. (it was like 50 degrees and raining at my cousin's graduation party Friday night) No worries about over-exposure to sun this weekend!! Only in Minnesota.

Speaking of that graduation party - it was kind of brutal. There were a ton of people there that I haven't seen in years. And what do people you haven't seen in a while always ask: "where are you, now?" and "what are you doing these days?". Not questions I love to answer. Let's see - "I am currently living in my friend Linda's basement until the end of the summer, when I will hopefully (segway into answer 2) have found a job I love so I can get out of there, and find a place of my own to live in". These are not answers that make me seem like a settled adult - which you definitely should be at 36. Right?!?! I was reminded by a friend that I could have told them about the book - but that just isn't how I roll. I talked about it with the few who knew about it, and asked - but I didn't bring it up. I get an F- for self-promotion. I suck at it. So I tried to muster up all of the positivity I've been feeling the last couple of weeks, and forge on - with the help of a little sarcasm. My standard answer: "I'm living with a friend in Shakopee until the end of the summer. Hopefully I figure out what I want to do when I grow up by then." Good answer? I thought so.

On a more positive note, I also saw the high-five lady at the gym again on Saturday. She remembered me, and we bonded again over how tough it is to get to the gym and work. I think I may have made a new friend. =)

I have one more thing I wanted to share. Let's call it a: Slimming Down to Sexy Food Review. If you are like me, and think string cheese is awesome - I have a note I wanted to share. I have found that I l.o.v.e. Frigo Cheese Head variety. The regular is only 80 calories. When I was at the store the other day, I saw that they also had a "light" version. It was only 60 calories per piece. I figured it was worth a shot. Mistake. In my humble opinion it is not worth saving the extra 20 calories. The regular one is so much more flavorful! I felt like the light variety was kind of dry, and pretty bland. And when you're treating string cheese as a total treat, because it tastes pretty salty - you want all of that flavor. Am I right?!? So there you go! Regular = delicious, Light = dry and flavorless.

Do you have a question you fear? Or a snack idea to share? I'd love to hear about it - and hopefully this program lets you post it here! =)

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