Thursday, June 2, 2011

out with the pyramid, in with the plate

I'm sure all of you have seen the food pyramid at one time or another. I learned at FC that it had been updated since I was in school - - something that had completely escaped me. But even though I just saw it a little over a year ago, I couldn't tell you what it said. Apparently, I am not alone in that.

On Thursday the USDA tried to simplify it a little bit. They now have "My Plate". Although it is missing one of my favorite sections - fats - it does seem a little easier to understand...a much easier thing to visualize than trying to remember where things fit on the pyramid, and how many of each you should have. I also love that it hits on everything! As a person who doesn't have any interest in limiting my diet to a few categories, this is ideal.

A small issue I see - from the girl who can rationalize herself into just about any destructive food decision - is: what size is the plate supposed to be? they may cover this somewhere, and I just didn't see it. But a slightly less than 1/4 of a plate serving of meat could be 3oz on the size they want us to use, or 10oz on some of the serving platters some people now use as dinner plates.

Basically, I could use better parameters. Now I am guessing they were just trying to dumb-down the chart in order to hopefully reach the masses. Not everyone is going to be a jackhole like me and try to find a way to make it difficult. The website I linked to above will also help you learn what fits into what category. I am sort of looking forward to trying this out, now that I'm actually trying to eat better again.

Bonnie's doppleganger
On a completely unrelated topic - you guys might know how I like to name my car is JaLisa. My fat is Remus. You get the idea. Well now that I am going to be working out more, I have decided that my Body Bugg needs a name. I've thought about it - and determined her name is Bonnie. Yes - she's a girl. She shoots me straight. She tells me exactly how hard I've worked...or haven't worked. I can't fool her. She's a tough bitch.

How do you feel about the plate? Do you like to name your objects? Please share!!

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  1. I think you know I like to name things also...and I got that from you sister! Just a taste of my naming style, my car is named; Janet, Miss Jackson if yer NASTY! I like that you kept the B theme for Bonnie the Body Bug, it fits perfectly.

    As for the plate thing, I don't really worry about how much of what category I am eating, just that when I am eating it is something healthy that will make me feel good instead of the other way around. And, since I am not much of a meat eater, I tend to eat more of the other categories, so I am all messed up. But, if the plate helps people make healthy choices, I am all for it!


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