Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bones Don't Jiggle

**Quick notice: Today is June 1st, so it is the first day of our new "Mission: Move It To Lose It"!! Check out our page on this blog named: "Move it 2 Lose it" to track our goals and progress!!**

I just watched the rerun of the "Mike & Molly" pilot episode over lunch today. I had forgotten how much I loved Molly's response to her mom's explanation of "you've just got big bones" as an legitimate reason for her being overweight. I just had to use it for the title of this post. It makes me giggle every time I hear it!

Don't worry, kids - I know better than to blame my weight on the size of my bone structure. I'm not even sure what size my bones are because they're buried deep...deep....deep down! On the bright side, I've never broken a bone. I think the impact required to get through all of my...ummm...padding...would probably kill me at the same time, so I am safe. At this point, I'd settle for just being able to see one of my bones. Maybe a kneecap? Instead of a large, padded, pocket of fat it would be nice to actually see a kneecap in there. I trust I have them! I just haven't seen them in a while. One day.....

I also just watched the first episode of "Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition". Did any of you watch it? I thought it was OK. Trying to pack that much time (one year) into that short amount of time (one hour) is hard when you're dealing with something as diverse as obesity. (Man - I really hate that word. I'm going to call it "Remus-ity" instead. I urge you to do the same.) There were a couple of things I thought were interesting about this show. I think the most shocking part for me was when the trainer made the family members carry her weight around the track. I remember when they had Bob put on the weight that Michael had lost on Biggest Loser. He couldn't move! All I could do was imagine my poor skinny family trying to walk around weighing what I do. Holy hell! That would be horrible. I can sort of see why he did it - this girl lived at home with her family, and they were going to be a huge part of her success (or failure). But at the same time - I wouldn't want my family to have to do that. They didn't make me fat. They didn't hoover Big Mac's and sit on the couch all day....every day.... I think it was nice of them to do it - but I wouldn't ever want my family to have to do it. They'd collapse. Seriously. They're too tiny.

It did also provide me with a good reminder - one I am reluctant to believe - and that is: it isn't so much what you're doing, as what you're putting in your mouth. That poor girl was working out 4-5 hours a day, but wasn't watching what she was eating close enough. She only lost 3 pounds in 3 months. Now - "only" might seem like the wrong word choice here - she'd lost 130 pounds in the six months leading up to that. But anyone putting in that kind of time at the gym should lose more than that! I keep wanting to fight it. I keep wanting to believe I can still eat what I want if I work out. And I can - if I want to bounce around in the same 10-20 pounds for the rest of my life. But since that is not my goal, I best remind myself numerous times a day that it's what going in that's going to decide my success. And why do I want to beat the hell out of myself at the gym to not see results. It's easy - I don't. So put it all together, I must. At least it's getting warm. It's always easier to eat better when it's nice outside.

Do you find that your eating and exercise habits change with the seasons?

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  1. I definitely tend to eat much heaftier things in the winter than in the summer. I still try to keep my calories in check so I'm eating enough to fuel my workouts..and that usually means eating much more often in the summer.


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