Friday, May 20, 2011

back to it.....

I realized this week, that regardless of how slowly I may be moving - I have made some positive changes. There have been many times in my adult life where I have gone months between workouts, and it didn't phase me in the least. Sure...I would feel small pangs of guilt over the fact that I was just paying my fat tax (see: gym membership) and never using it - but that was about it.

I finally felt like the Remus got his gigantic ass off my chest enough to go the gym on Wednesday. I don't know if I have ever been so happy to be active in my life. There was still a fair amount of hacking to be done while I was there - but I tried to be as courteous as I could, and just cough into my arm. I didn't "fake cough" and then do the gagging face like the guy I had seen at the WAC do. Hopefully it wasn't frequent enough, or annoying enough, for anyone to want to come over and kick me (literally) off my machine.

I did the same on Thursday, with basically the same result. Some hacking, and a lot of bliss. I was just happy to be out of the house, and doing something that is good for me! Granted, I've been following that up with eating like crap - but I'll turn that around here soon, too. I can tell I'm not completely back. I still get winded easier than I did before - but I am able to move at a pretty good pace (for me), so I'm content. I think the thing that has me the most excited about being back at the gym is that I am now able to watch the last few episodes of "Sons of Anarchy" on my iPod. I put the last 4 episodes of season 3 on there with the understanding that I couldn't watch them unless I was doing cardio. It is a trick I have to play on myself, and it seems to be working here. I am down to the last episode, and will watch that Friday while I do the elliptical.

So I'm finally feeling better - but know I am not 100% back to normal. When I am finally over this crap I will never again undervalue the ability to breathe easy. I will appreciate it.

Do any of you have to give yourself workout incentives? I'd love to hear about it.....


  1. Hi there!

    I'm a "long time listner, first time caller" here. :) I totally do the same cardio/TV thing that you do - I buy shows for my iPod that I am only allowed to watch at the gym. The good news/bad news is that I'm almost out of episodes of my current show and I don't know what to watch next!

    About the working out but eating crap...I find that if I take time off from working out (like the last month, which was forced because of a knee problem), I slip back into bad eating habits. Then as I get back into the routine of working out regularly again, I slip back into the healthier eating habits again. Maybe you'll find the same thing happening now that you're back to the gym!

    Sarah :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better! It must feel good to be able to be active again. :)

    My incentive to workout is the fact I'll feel SO much better after it's over- more energized and happier. :)


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