Friday, May 27, 2011

Mission: Move It To Lose It - - the details

Hi all! I have had some questions about the mission starting June 1st, so I thought I'd put together a little information on it.

  • It is a build-your-own mission! The basic premise is movement - miles, minutes, etc. You decide what you'd like to accomplish, and set that as your goal. You get to be your own boss - and who could ask for more than that?!?! But you also get to do it with some other folks, and that always makes it easier.
  • You decide how often you'd like to report on your goal. Do you want to set weekly, monthly, or mission goals? I set monthly goals, but am reporting weekly. Otherwise I'd end up with a million miles to do at the end! Some of you probably have better discipline than I do, and you'd be fine with the monthly or mission reporting. I would like to say - I am going to have a page for this mission on my blog. The more you report, the more others can see you moving, and maybe be motivated to move it a little themselves. =) (hint, hint) You can also "self-report" as often as you'd like on our Facebook page, and I urge you to do so! I am sick of monopolizing that thing! =)
  • I would like it if each participant would write a little bio - your name, where you live, how you plan to move it, and anything else you'd be willing to share. I like to learn about the participants, and I think everyone else would as well!
  • Send me an email ( ) or a comment on this post or a note on Facebook/Twitter with your mission plan. I will set the page up with participants, bios and goals on June 1st and post it to my blog. 
  • Send in your updates weekly (or monthly, or missionly) to my email address or on our Facebook page, and I'll post them to the page on my blog.
  • If you have any rewards for yourself, please share those as well! I'll add them to our page!
I am looking forward to being a much better mission participant this time around! I will actually stick with it. That is my promise to you, and myself. I will post my daily activity on our Facebook page to hold myself accountable. I would love it if you guys would do the same!

Here are my goals and rewards: (I figure you guys already have enough of a bio on me - right?)
  • June: 110 miles. If When I reach that goal, I get to get myself a glitter headband. I have wanted one for months now, and it is a cheap reward that will make me happy.
  • July: 120 miles. Smallish prize TBD
  • August: 130 miles. When I reach this goal, and have moved a total of 360 miles in 3 months, I will get myself an iPad2 (or whatever the latest version is at the time). I will use money from my last book payment to fund it. This is something I REALLY want, so it will be a good incentive to keep my ass moving!
my ultimate reward

 So who's going to join me? The more the merrier! =) If you have any other questions, please comment here, on Facebook, or send me an email. Hope to hear from a bunch of you soon!!

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