Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm on a Mission....

I received an email a couple of weeks ago, requesting that we have a summer mission. At first I was just going to say probably not. Let's face it - I have been less than inspiring to myself, and others, on the last 2. But then I figured: why the hell not? I'm going to be doing it anyway, so what is the big deal if we have a mission? It might get a few more ladies and gentlemen involved - and there is always strength in numbers...right?

So here we go. I got a suggestion from Meg to do total miles from June - August. I liked that idea. So I am going to name this one Mission: Move It To Lose It. If you'd like to participate, please email me at before June 1st. Just let me know the total number of miles you're going to move this summer. Also let me know how often you'd like to report (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.....). I'll make a page for our mission, and update it as you send your updates to me. For my part, I will actually follow through on this mission. I've been slacking long enough. I can breathe again, now it's time to start kicking a little ass.

And I have one more little thing. I had another less-than-supportive comment on our Facebook wall. I thought I had made my opinion on negativity clear after the comment made a couple of months ago, but apparently I did not. So let me say it again...for the cheap seats....

Dear Negative Nelly's/Ned's,

While I understand that I have opened myself up to public scrutiny with this blog, I really don't need any additional negativity sent my way. If I am not accomplishing what you think I should be accomplishing, or doing all that you think I should be doing, or losing all that you think I should be losing, or you are just tired of hear about my struggles (many of them repeated) - I would ask you to simply stop following my blog. Don't follow our Facebook page. Don't follow me on Twitter. If you are so disgusted and disappointed by what I am doing in my attempts to improve my life - I would prefer you stop following instead of trying to tear me down. Obviously this is something that is hard for me, that I struggle with every day. I don't have all of the answers, but I am trying to figure it out. Either you understand that, or you don't. You relate, or you don't.

That being said - I hope you stick with me. I have a few ladies that have offered up gym dates, and I will be taking them up on it shortly, now that I finally getting over this cold. I have been looking into some local groups to check out, to see if they might help me figure this all out. And regardless of all of this - I haven't gained all of the weight back that I have lost, and for me that is a victory. I typically would have gained it all back and then some, and completely given up on going to the gym. I am a non-stop, never-ending, work-in-progress. And I'm still trying. I have lapses. I have times where I am just flat-out lazy. I have times where I eat nothing but crap. But I come back. And I will figure this out for myself. And hopefully along the way I will help some others figure it out for themselves, too.

Negativity breeds negativity, and we don't need it here. Please go ahead and take that crap elsewhere.

Slimming Down to Sexy....Eventually

Update: As of 6:02pm on Monday, the negative comments have been removed from our wall by the author. Phenomenal!

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