Friday, February 4, 2011


Lift with your legs, not your back. Who of us has not heard this before? I had it running on a constant cycle through my brain during my many...many...many hours of snow shoveling on Wednesday. I tried to use good form. I did. But at some point while using a baby shovel to move 2+ feet of're going to slip occasionally. It did not help that there was a great deal of "throwing" of snow involved. Honestly. I may be trained for a high level of performance if they decide to add this to the X games. Unfortunately, the training for an intense faux competition can cause some issues physically. 

I woke up this morning with a completely broken back. Not "needing surgery" broken, but more of the "I will shoot pains up your back if you move too quickly" type of pain. My hips were sore/tight when I went to bed on Wednesday, but were feeling much better by Thursday morning. 

When YC texted to see if I was coming in for a workout I went for honesty. I told him I was sort of broken, and felt like I might need to take a day off. Shock of all shock!! He said resting might not be an all bad idea! What?!? So I did. I took the day off. Trying to stretch periodically. I think it worked! I am feeling a thousand times better. 

Now I'm looking forward to Mission Move Your Ass, starting on Sunday. So far I have 2 joiners. Anyone else? It isn't too late! Just get me your info by this Sunday! Come on! What do you have to lose?!? It might be amazing! It WILL be amazing! Join us! You can link to the information here. I look forward to hearing from you soon! =)  

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  1. Hey there - I can join the mission, but I'm not able to do much in the moving your a$$ category for a few more weeks. So, I won't have anything to report until then. Not sure if you want me to be involved in this one.


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