Monday, January 24, 2011

Mission: Move Your Ass

Back in September, a beautiful thing happened. I told you guys I was starting a mission for myself, and had a bunch of you offer to join me. Although I didn't reach my ultimate goal of the mission (to lose enough weight to reach a total of 101 pounds lost by January 1st), it was so helpful to have you guys doing it with me. For those of you that stuck with it, I thank you. I am so inspired and motivated (when it is possible for me to be, that is =)) by all of you! I will have the Mission 101 results posting tomorrow. I am giving the last stragglers a couple more minutes to get their results in (you know who you are... LOL).

Alas, the time has come to announce a new mission! I decided to make this one exercise-based instead of focusing on weight-loss. The reason, you ask? Because even if you don't have weight to lose, you should probably be exercising. It isn't just skinny people who have dangerous health conditions: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. A lot of this stuff is hereditary, and exercise can help. I have a few family members who are in or near their ideal weight range who still have health issues. 

So with that in mind, my latest brain-child has been born. I am proud to announce "Mission: Move Your Ass"! (PC-ly referred to as "Mission: MYA" in emails, so no one gets in trouble!) I would love to have anyone interested join me! Here is what I am thinking for the guidelines.

What: Mission: Move Your Ass
When: February 6th-April 30th
Who: Anyone willing to join me
Why: Because moving your ass is good for your heart...and your ass
Where: Wherever you are! You can do it anywhere!!

So here is what I was thinking. You can choose any combination of the parameters below for your goal:
  • Miles moved (most equipment will track your distance for you)
  • Steps taken (you can get a pretty cheap pedometer at any Wal-Mart, Target or sporting goods store)
  • total minutes of medium-high intensity cardio (for those of you that participate in group fitness classes)
You can also change your goal at any time. I will be increasing mine each month. I am counting a week as Sunday-Saturday.

For example - my goal is pretty straight forward. I am not counting my weight-lifting. I am only counting my cardio/machine work. I am also increasing as the mission marches on.

My Goals
  • My goal is to put on 20 miles/week. (60 miles for the 3 weeks in February)
  • I will increase to 90 miles for the 4 weeks of March
  • I will go for 120 miles for the 5 weeks of April 
You also have an option for how often you want to report. You can do it weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks, not twice a week) or monthly. This is basically like a "Choose-your-own-mission" like those choose your own adventure books from when we were kids! Who didn't love those? No one. The same number of people who won't like this mission! =)

So are you ready to move your ass? Are you ready to dust off your treadmill/elliptical/nordic track/gazelle? Are you ready to buy an actual drying rack, and stop using your exercise equipment as one? Then email me your info! It is going to be AWESOME!! 

Please email me by Thursday, February 3rd, if you are interested in participating! Please include the information below.
  • email me at:
  • What name would you like to go by for the mission? (Sadly, Sensatalie is already taken!)
  • Which parameter, or combination of parameters, would you like to use as your goal?
  • What quantity, or quantities, would you like to use as your goal?
  • A short bio. Anything you're comfortable we can get to know you a little bit. We're like a team! =)
  • How frequently would you like to report?
Thank you in advance for joining me on this quest! We are going to kick some ass, with move your ass!!

And as always - if you know of anyone else that might like to participate, they should be reading my blog! =) Kidding...sort of. Please pass this on to them, so they start! And they can get signed up for Mission: MYA!


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