Friday, January 21, 2011

But I'll Look So Silly.....

So I have this new issue. Since starting to lift weights regularly, I have developed calluses on my hands. I guess I'm just too delicate. Seriously...I'm like a peach wrapped in a flower. That delicate. You can tell just by looking at me! I'm fragile.

Anyway - - so I am developing calluses on my hands. Regardless of how much lotion I put on them - they are still there. And then they get kind of peel-y. I was going to take a picture, but they didn't turn out well enough for you to see my issue. I mean, I've never been a really girly-girl. I've always been a bit of a tomboy. But that does NOT mean I want callused hands. I figure, the rest of me is soft, so my hands should match. Right?

So I talked to my sister about this when I was back over Christmas. Her response was the one that I had been fearing. She suggested that I get some gloves. Not just any gloves. Weight-lifting gloves. Now - I don't really have anything against these gloves, per se. I just think they typically look kind of silly. They look silly on fit women, who you can tell obviously put a lot of time in at the gym. Just imagine how they would look on a lady such as myself. A lady who say the least. A girl who doesn't look like she goes to the gym...ever...much less enough to necessitate gloves. I just fear I'd feel ridiculous.

I don't know where this fear stems from. I'm sure that no one is paying attention to me while I'm at the gym. They wouldn't notice, or care, if I was wearing weight-lifting gloves. I played softball for years and never wore a batting glove. I don't wear gloves when I play golf. I am just not a "glove gal".

There has to be another way. I am determined to find it. Do any of you weight-lifting ladies have any suggestions?

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