Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Corrections, Resolutions and My Shortcomings

It was brought to my attention today that my bookkeeping skills are sub-par at best. I mis-reported the total weight lost for 2 mission 101 participants (a thousand apologies!). I thought I had my excel document set up correctly - but it certainly appears that is not the case! I am assuming it is a set-up issue, or entry issue. Either that, or my inability to do basic math strikes again. Below are some corrections. I also realized I forgot to report my results. Geesh. We can officially chalk this up as one of my shortcomings.

Gela has lost a total of 4 pounds, not 2 as I reported.
Melissa has lost a total of 4.7 pounds, not 2.7 as I reported.
(My issue appears to occur in 2 pound increments. =))
Natalie as of Monday morning (when I finally remembered to weigh myself) I had gained 3 pounds. I how need to lose a total of 40 pounds to get to my goal of 101 pounds lost. It would appear that my 10 day hiatus is not a recipe for success. Enough of my holiday vacation. Back to the gym and veggies!

I also just want to add something. At no time should anyone feel embarrassed or judged for sending in results that they believe are less than stellar. I think everyone who is taking part in this Mission has had an off week (or in the case of some - ME - they have had many off weeks). I have yet to hear, or see, any negative comments from anyone about another person's results. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves! Slimming Down to Sexy is an environment of kindness. =)

That brings me to my New Year's resolution. I don't typically make them...well - with the exception of "losing weight" every year....which usually results in the opposite. I usually feel like they are a bunch of crap. I did have a friend who resolved to "do more afternoon drinking", which I was totally on board with - but for the most part I am anti-resolutions. I did decide to make one this year, and I put it on Facebook and Twitter - but wanted to share it here for those of you that don't network socially =). 

My NY resolution is to be more kind - to myself, my body and others. I received so much kindness from all of you in 2010, it's time to give back! Happy New Year everyone! Let's kick some ass in 2011!

I might need you guys to help hold me to it! 

Recently, I have been slapped in the face by some of my shortcomings. While I know I certainly have more than I am listing here - these are the items I am going to focus my immediate energies on.
  • I have learned that I apparently struggle with data entry and basic math. I am going to work on creating a new template for the last month of Mission 101, and devise a new system to insure better accuracy.
  • I have been reminded of my anti-green thumb. I have a total of like four plants that I am in charge of, and I make it entirely too much work. I have even had to recruit my mother to help save one of them. 
  • All of the knowledge I have about how great I feel when I exercise still isn't enough to get me to the gym some days. I am working on putting an end to that. Now. 
 So what do you guys think? Do you make resolutions?


  1. I am so glad to have found your blog. You are doing things that I aspire to and your honesty blows me away. I am not blogging about the struggles I have.(math is not one of them) I am 65 with a bad knee and a bad back and I am trying to stay on the same road you are on. Not easy as you said but your blog helps tremendously. Thanks.

  2. I definitely do resolutions, but I try to make them achievable, and I have about a 50% success rate, judging from last year's resolutions. ;)

    I did a post about my 2011 resolutions on January 2nd, and a recap of my 2010 resolutions on December 31st. I, too, am going to try to be less hard on myself.

  3. I'll be sending in my Mission101 results every single week - how is that for a 2011 resolution? ;-))) Lia


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