Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vampires Trump Overweight?

I am borderline ashamed to admit this - but I usually tend to get sucked into the reality show "The Bachelor". I have avoided a few seasons - having the sense not to watch even one episode. It only takes one, you know. One episode of 10-20 crazed women consenting to all date, make out with, and probably do much more than that with - the same guy. It is insanity. And I just can't look away. So it was with my usual sense of morbid curiosity that I tuned in to the first episode last week. They have upped the absurdity this season by welcoming back Brad (the guy who dared to not pick either of the women the first time he was the bachelor). Like they don't have any other guys who are willing to let 20 crazies fight over them.

I couldn't quite watch the entire was too much for even me. I forwarded to the end, where I knew I would find the real gem: previews of the season. It was during these previews that I noticed something I couldn't quite believe. The lady with fangs made it through the first round! For those of you that don't get sucked into this crap - let me elaborate. There is a girl - who auditioned, and was chosen to be on the show - that wears fangs. Like a vampire. Like she believes she is a vampire!!!!! 

That is when I started to think...about all of the seasons of this crap (Bachelor/Bachelorette) that they have put on TV. In 20 seasons?...I don't recall there ever being an "plus-sized", or overweight woman on there. Not just that there was one, and they got axed the first night. Like I honestly don't think there has ever been an overweight woman chosen to be on the show. Period. 

What in the hell has this world come to? When they allow someone so unhinged that she believes she is a vampire on the show, but don't allow anyone that is larger than a size 4. Seriously!! Crazy is better than fat? Insane is better than overweight? A woman that wears fangs is OK, but a woman with a FUPA is not?

I am not typically one to try and push the plus-sized agenda, but I just cannot wrap my head around this. I think maybe the screeners for this show have become a little too obsessed with the Twilight series!

Maybe I am in the minority? Maybe the world is more prepared to accept vampires than they are the overweight? Maybe guys really would rather be with someone with fangs than someone with some padding? Maybe fangs are like the new braces, and guys want to see what it's like to kiss someone with them? Or maybe this is the end of civilization as we know it, and we are all doomed? 

What do you guys think?


  1. I think it's amazing what they will put on TV and call it reality.

  2. I don't watch the show, but I've heard that they did not include any minorities in the herd of women this season, either. Maybe it's done at the request of the bachelors? If their personal preference is skinny white women, what is the sense of offering somebody who doesn't meet those criteria? The bachelor would cut them in the first episode.

  3. Perhaps ladies who are plus size or have an ethnic background simply have more sense than to appear on these 'reality' shows


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