Monday, January 3, 2011

SDtS Mission 101: Week 11

We have come to the end...well, the original end...of the Slimming Down to Sexy: Mission 101! Because of the tremendous opportunity for improvement I have with this mission (aka: the extreme number of pounds I still have to lose to get to 101 lost), it is continuing on through January. Some of the participants have consented to continue on with me. Thank you to all of you! I will be sending an email out to everyone next week, and those that would like to continue on can respond to it. Together, we are going to kick some major ass in 2011....I can feel it!

my nemesis

Here are the results, for the few that responded. Congratulations to all of you!!

  • Maintained her weight for a total loss of 2.2 pounds
  • Ran 11.3 miles in the last 2 weeks
  • Gained 2 pounds for a total loss of 7 pounds
  • Ran a total of 141 miles during Mission 101: Phase I
  • Lost .4 pounds for a total loss of 4.6 pounds
  • Exercised 4 times
  • Gained 1 pound 
  • Exercised 3 times
  • SHARE: Just got home from an 8 day vacation without a scale! Two of those days were spent in the car on the 13 hour drive each way, and the rest of the time was spent with the family around a lot of good food! Despite that, I exercised 3 times, but still gained a pound.
Jennifer D
  • Maintained her weight for a total loss of 3 pounds
  • SHARE: I feel a bit more motivated and human now that my babe is sleeping through the night :) hopefully I wont continue to be the weakest link the next few months. Holding steady this week again. I guess I'm ok with that considering all the food I ate this week!
  • Has a total loss of 7 pounds
  • SHARE: The last month has been up and down, but I'm happy that overall I did not gain over the holidays.
  • Lost 1.2 pounds for a total loss of 9.8 pounds
  • SHARE: Still can't get to 10...cripes! Should happen this week since the sweets are GONE!! 
  • Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 10.95 pounds
  • Gained 3.5 pounds for a total loss of 3.9 pounds
  • SHARE: Gained back 3.5 pounds, but I am not worried, it's way less then my usual Christmas gain... also, my waistline is 3 inches smaller, so go figure. I guess Young Leslie has a lot to do with this, that guy is killing me ;-) I love him, nice to look at, nice to talk to, keeps me motivated, although that manic glint in his eyes is a bit worrying sometimes :-D Exercise is doing me good, I need less sleep, less food, have much more energy than usual, and my clothes are starting to get loose on me.  
  • Gained 5 pounds for a total loss of 1 pound
  • SHARE: Much room for improvement but I'm back to routine tomorrow. +5 for the last two weeks. And I've been off so sleeps been good.   
  • Lost .4 pounds for a total loss of 2.7 pounds
  • Exercised 4 times
  • Lost 1 pound for a total loss of 9 pounds
Stephanie D
  • Maintained weight for a total loss of 7 pounds
  • SHARE: Well I'm beginning to think my scale is broke!! NOTHING still hangin at the same!!
  • SHARE: What can I say?...I am up 3 lbs. I deserve every one of them. However, being the eternal optomist that I am, I am sure that 2011 is gonna be my year. Happy New Year! 


  1. Not to be anal, but Gela is at a total of 4 lbs lost! I gotta count 'em all! :) Not gonna lie, holidays have been many good treats to snack on, but now it's time to buckle down again. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. So sorry, Gela!! You are the 2nd person I had the wrong numbers for!! Geesh! I will be updating the corrections tomorrow. I struggle!!


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