Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tuesday was a day of struggle. Not real, legitimate, struggle. But rather "I'm feeling kind of lazy, and kind of have a stomach ache and my head hurts" struggle. Basically, a self-inflicted struggle - brought on by my own dramatics. 

That being said, I had no idea what to write for this blog update. I usually have a couple of extras written for when I hit the wall like this - but when you're coming off a 2-week motivational drought, your stored up entries are non-existent. So I decided I was going to just have a random post. A post containing some observations and opinions and a couple of confessions - then I will ask for some participation from you at the end. Random may be a bit of an understatement, so please bear with me. I am a bit all over the place on this one.

This is going to be fun...or a colossal let's see how it turns out!

Let's start with the observation/opinion/confession portion of our post.
  • I have discovered, during my stint as house-sitter, that I love having a laundry shoot. This is the first time in my life that I've had one, and it is magnificent. I realize that having laundry in the basement no longer makes sense for new homes, but I love it. I am going to miss it when I go back to MN.
  • I have also discovered during this period of house-sititude that I do not like having a window in the shower. Yes, it is frosted, so no one can see me (thank goodness for them), but it is COLD in the winter. Not great.
  • At the strong suggestion of a friend, I finally signed up for Twitter. I had been scared of it for years, but in September I finally took the plunge. I absolutely love it. It has provided a whole new level of support (beyond you guys that read this - - thank you to all of you!) during this life overhaul. It also allows me to satisfy my desire for stalking with a minimum of effort on my part. It is truly a win-win in that capacity. If you are on Twitter, my name is @SlimDownToSexy
  • There are days where I literally talk to out loud...while driving down the road. It tends to be when my brain is telling me it would like french fries. Internal dialogue is just not enough to get my point across sometimes- and I have to tell my brain to "fu....I mean...screw off" with volume. 
  • I am trying not to spaz out about the book. I sent the rewrite to EB a week ago, and haven't heard back. Does that mean she hates it? I wish I had some idea how this whole system works, so I could stop freaking out about it.
  • I slacked on the gym today. I was being a baby because I didn't feel great. Better luck on Wednesday. (this would be one of the confessions)
  • Of all of the weight-related shows on TV, I think "Heavy" on A&E may be the best one to illustrate what it is like to be morbidly obese (I really hate that term). I just wish they wouldn't try to jam 6 months for 2 people into 40 minutes. I think they could do an even better job if they spread it out a little bit. 
  • No matter how hard I try - there are some days where I just need to have pizza. There is no way around it. The good news is, those days seem to be coming further and further apart.
Now here's where you come in. I have some ideas for future posts, but would like some input from you guys.
  • I am going to do an interview with YC. What question(s) would you guys like me to ask? He is a personal trainer, so it doesn't have to be specific to me  - you can ask anything and I will pass it on.
  • Would any of you be interested in, or willing to, do a guest blog for me? Kind of just lay out what your relationship is with your weight, food, exercise, etc. You can do it as anonymously as you'd like. I just think we are doing a great job of creating a community here - and I think hearing from more people might help solidify that. 
Please comment to this post, or email me at

I can't wait to hear from you!!


  1. Hi. I am fighting the battle with myself to lose some weight. There are a couple of problems I am dealing with. One-instant hunger. I did finally find a way to deal with that one. I have started to fix myself snacks and small meals to have handy. It helps me.

    Another is inertia. They say a body at rest tends to stay at rest. They are right, whoever they are. It's a bummer.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog. It helps.

  2. Nat, loved reading your "random" post, as you called it! It's always great to read the little things that happen or what people experience for no good reason. I would like, if possible, for you to ask YC what's the best way to tone up chunky arms. I hate mine!

  3. 1) your random post is 12349820948208 times better than my to the point post <33 haha
    2) i'd love to guest blog if you'd have me.
    3) i talk to myself to. sometimes saying things out loud makes you realize how trivial your thoughts can be.


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