Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tears for Fears?

You guys know how I love shows about weight loss, right? Well there is a new one on A&E called "Heavy". It will follow two people each week. They go through a 6 month program - where it appears they have a personal trainer and nutritionist working with them the whole time. The first episode was on Monday night. I watched it today, and I am hooked. Something about it just rings true - like it might give people a more accurate idea of what it is like to be severely overweight - better than say, Biggest Loser does? Or maybe it just wasn't so much yelling. And it seems more realistic. I don't think these people are working out for 8 hours a day, and doing crazy workouts, like on BL. I like it.

But while I was watching the show, I couldn't help but notice something. On every weight loss show that I have ever watched, crying is basically it's own character. Whether it is from the pain of the workout, or the memories of what has happened in their past, or names they were called. It seems like it is a prerequisite that tears get a lot of screen time. And that is what hit me. I don't think I have had an all-out emotional breakdown. I have yet to be overtaken by tears, and am still waiting to go into crying hysterics. Wait! I guess I kind of wanted to cry today when I was on my last set of step ups....(kidding. sort of) Maybe they workout way harder than I do? Maybe they push themselves closer to the brink than I have at this point?

Maybe that is what's holding me back? Maybe I need some grand display of emotion to get me, and keep me, on track? Why have so many people, in a state similar to mine, shed so many tears? And why haven't I? Trying to lose as much weight as I am, and the people on these shows are, is a very emotional experience - but I guess mine is maybe manifesting itself in another way? Maybe I just try to internalize too much? Maybe I really am dead inside? Or maybe I haven't been traumatized as severely as some other obese people? Maybe I'm just lucky?

Well - let's face it. I am lucky. I have a wonderfully supportive family and great friends. I somehow maintained overall fair health (no diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) in spite of my enormous size and completely nonexistent exercise habits. I guess I have just been fortunate that this whole area of my life hasn't caused the all-encompassing distress that these contestants appear to be going through. Just one more thing to be grateful for. I'll add that to my list....and boy is that list getting long!

How about you guys? How do you deal with your tough life situations?

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  1. Crying is what I do when I am angry or frustrated about something I have no control of. Weight doesn't really fit into that category. Eventually you can do something about it. So then crying becomes unnecessary unless you have other issues you are confronting.


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