Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear 2010...

...I know this letter is a few days overdue, and for that I apologize. You were really great to me, and I should have been more punctual. Unfortunately, I have been in a bit of a funk since the beginning of the year, and had to deal with that before I could tell you just how much I appreciated everything you did for me. I think I am ready now.

Thank you, 2010. I will always look back at you as the year I finally started changing my life for the better. I will remember you fondly as the year I improved my diet, exercise, over-all health...the year I regained hope.

I made a decision in February, right before starting fat camp, to start this blog. OK - maybe I didn't decide to. I was forced to. But I will be eternally grateful to my sister Wendy for pushing me to do it. It has honestly been the most rewarding experience of my life. I made a decision to be honest. Not kind of honest - but honest, honest - about what the experience of trying to get healthy is like for me. It hasn't always been pretty, and I am sure I have many rough days ahead of me - but it has always been worth it. I have been so shocked by and overwhelmed by and grateful for the completely unexpected outpouring of kindness I have received from people. From the very beginning I have received nothing but kind words and encouragement from friends, family and even people I have never met - but I now consider friends. It has truly been an amazing experience so far - and I will always remember you as the year it all started.

You surrounded me with a fantastic support system. Friends who went hiking with me, or to the gym with me, or cook me healthier meals. A family that humors me by eating my "light" meals, when they don't have to - and a supportive grandma (who makes all of us bags of snacks - cookies, snack mix, fudge, etc - for Christmas gifts each year) who gave me less of the sugary snacks, and added in apples and oranges. And YC - who is a young kid who is used to dealing with football players, but who doesn't coddle me or belittle me - but pushes me to do more than I would have ever done on my own.

Oh - gave me some challenges. I was canned from my job - but can now honestly look back on that as a positive. It allowed me to do some other things, and afforded me other opportunities, that I never would have had the chance to look at while still at that position. I get to write a book! Who would have thought?!? I was a girl who never did well in English class, and who initially thought of writing a blog as a waste of time. Now look at me. Writing is now something I really enjoy, and would love to do for the rest of my life!

We had our ups, and we had our downs - but I will always look back on you with fondness. You were the year I got my life back. You were the launching pad for this whole new exciting life full of possibilities I never would have thought of for me before. You showed me that people still have an amazing capacity for kindness - you just have to put yourself out there. You showed me that I may have some untapped talents. You gave me back my optimism. You reminded me that I am worth the effort. I will appreciate you forever.

Thank you again for all you've done for me.


P.S. I hope your brother, 2011, is ready for me! I am about to kick his ass!

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  1. Studer Stis:
    Stick with it! It'll be worth it. I know you know that...
    You've got all that it takes - now use it!
    I've got to have this baby soon - then, I can help you with whatever plan you have to get out there. Need help? - let me know. I'm cheap labor - you'd owe me a beer and some babysitting.


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