Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been having a serious burger craving for what seems like forever.  Before I went to FC, burgers were an extremely standard staple if my horrible diet.  Like almost daily, and sometimes twice.  I hadn't had one since I went to FC 2 months ago.  For the last week or two, a burger is all I could think about.  In an effort to derail this particular craving, I looked up nutrition information for a few of my favorites: Culvers Butterburger Deluxe Double, Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger from BK.  The calorie count was a bit ridiculous, but even more than that - the sodium level was off the charts!!!  One burger had the same amount of sodium as I had in an entire day at the DFC.  I decided making my own was the way to go.

After going to water aerobics yesterday (there is a different teacher on Tuesday & Thursdays - and she is AWESOME!  Kept us moving the whole time - very different from the last teacher, Diego Bonita) I made myself a burger at home.  I bought the 93/7 ground beef and pepperjack cheese.  I made the burger on my George Forman grill, only seasoned it with pepper and used Arnold's sandwich thins (I managed to not double them up this time like I accidentally did the first time I used them!) to cut some of the calories, sodium and grease.  I put a little bit of mayo, a few pickles and some honey mustard on it.  I am not going to lie to you - that burger was delicious!  Instead of sucking down some french fries with it, I had it with steamed broccoli.  I am not going to try and tell you I preferred the broccoli, but it also wasn't that bad.  The burger was the highlight.  I have realized I had another very bizarre (or maybe not so bizarre, but very irritating) habit I needed to break - I had specific pairings.  Burgers always need to go with Fries.  Sandwiches always need chips.  Every meal is better with soda.  I have learned now that I was just conditioned to put those things together.  You can still very much enjoy your meal without the crap I typically believed I needed to enjoy it.

      Now that I got myself a super-sweet pair of water shoes (similar to the ones on the left, but only black and white) I have been doing a lot more walking in the pool.  My body appreciates the break from the treadmill.  I have shed some lbs, so the treadmill is much easier than it used to be - but I still have a lot to haul around.  Water alleviates the pressure on my knees, and keeps me from feeling like such a sweaty mess.  I typically go during the early afternoon, and tend to see the same people there most days.  One of the older guys I see almost every time I am there asked me "how long do you go?" on Monday .  I assumed he meant how long do I typically walk, so I told him I usually walk about an hour.  His reply?  "Good for you!".  It made me think of my time at the DFC, when the elders felt it was their duty to monitor and comment on my exercising.  I am not sure he completely understood the smile that caused - but it made me giggle a bit, remembering Howard from the DFC.

Well - I am off to the gym.  Hope you are all having a great day. 

Are you having any cravings you think you could make healthier?

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  1. So glad that you girls liked the new gal at Lifetime - all I knew of her was that she always is keeping the class moving even when us dumb swimmers are trying to steal the lanes away - she seems hardcore, right?
    here is a craving I made healthier (or a little healthier :) I used to love sour cream with any type of chip - now my healthier alternative has been no fat cottage cheese with baked lays as a treat. Probably still higher in Sodium than is good for us - but I love it!


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