Sunday, April 18, 2010

Safe Haven

While I was at the DFC, they repeatedly said that your home needs to be a safe haven.  You shouldn't have your trigger foods in your house.  You shouldn't have things in your home that you may not be able to stay away from.  Basically, you shouldn't have food in your house that you will inevitably eat, and not stop (for me - pizza and chips, for sure!).  Put a large pizza in front of me - it is as good as gone.  If I open a bag of chips (and I am talking the large bag, not the smaller 1-2 serving bag) - I could eat the entire thing!!  Even if I am full, I will keep plugging away (I am so dedicated!!) 

I decided today was the day to make my house "safe".  I know - a little late, since I have been home for 4 weeks (HOLY CRAP!!  I've been home for 4 weeks!).  I went to Sam's Club for some veggies and fruit this morning.  Then I spent some time doing my (least) favorite thing  - food prep.  After that I took on the task of emptying out my food cupboard.  Let me tell you - you would not believe the things I found in that cupboard!  I found things that expired as far back as 2004.  I am not lying to you!  That means that I have probably moved it TWICE without looking at the expiration date.  I bought it, packed it, unpacked it, etc - two times!  It just went to show me how much my shopping has changed!  Everything I have purchased since coming home from FC has been eaten, or thrown when it expired.  In addition to that - it has been stuff I am supposed to be eating!!  I replace what runs out.  I don't buy things I don't need.  I don't buy things I won't/shouldn't eat.  My cupboards are almost bare!  I am down to nothing left.  Once I threw out everything that was expired (so gross!) and the things I can no longer eat (Mackenzie inherited the few things that weren't expired, that she might eat) I have about 10 things left in my cupboard.

I did have one indulgence this weekend.  I went out with some friends last night, and I had french fries.  I hadn't had french fries in 8+ weeks.  I have an inappropriate amount of love for french fries.  I love them.  I mean, I LOVE them.  Fried deliciousness!!  I split an order with a friend at our favorite bar.  I am not going to lie to you!  They were delicious.  I enjoyed every one of them.  But once again, I was able to reign it back in this morning, and get back to making decent choices about food. 

It is amazing how empowered I feel, now.  The rational part of my brain knows I always was in charge of the decisions I made about food.  But it is an area of my life I never felt like I was in charge of.  I was hungry, so I needed to eat.  My brain wanted delicious (usually something fried, salty and smothered in cheese) and I thought they only way to feel satisfied was to eat crap.  And that is exactly what it is - crap.  The things I craved held little nutritional value, and usually weren't not particularly filling because they were so processed.  I legitimately thought I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't eat what my brain (and rumbling stomach) said I was craving.  Now that I am eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains - you know.... all of that stuff they have on that silly food pyramid.  Who would have thought that would actually be helpful?!?!  That the people who are much more educated than myself in healthy eating would actually be right?  How bizarre!  Don't get me wrong - pizza, fried foods, desserts - will always be on "my" food pyramid, but they are now the smallest tiny triangle at the top.     

I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to making your home your "safe haven"!

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  1. Dear Sensatalie (love that name!),

    okay - you are starting to freak me out...every time I read one of your entries something you say resonates for me. Seriously, EVERYTIME. But rather than suspect you are a witch - - have decided it is a good reminder to me that I am not the only one with a day to day (sometimes second to second) challenge with staying healthy. So thank you, thank you. Love the line about how empowered you feel now!!! And your comment about the silly food pyramid...when I think of all the class room walls that thing was posted on over the years and it wasn't until I was 40+ that I really noticed it (Well, would you look at that? My 1 lb of daily chocolate intake and copious amounts of fast food are not the base of the pyramid! Who knew?!) :) Just wanted to let you know that although I don't know you - am so excited for you and your new path (and am motivated by it all). Keep it up!! A Fan


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