Friday, April 9, 2010

Thing I Love : Spandex

No... not biker shorts - although those are super-hot when guys wear them (complete with bike shoes) to lift weights at the gym.  I am talking about the spandex that some genius decided to incorporate into denim.  Ta-da!!  The birth of the stretch jean!!  They are truly a miracle.  If I ever find the person whose brainchild this was - I will kiss and hug them repeatedly!  Repeatedly, I tell you!!  I know there is a certain contingent that hates stretch jeans.  I believe those people are probably supes skinny, and are also the people who actually decide to buy jeans because they "look good" and "fit right".  I, on the other hand, tend to buy pants because I can get them over my over-sized arse.  I do not believe jeans are going to make me magically smaller - granted, I prefer the crotch doesn't hang to my knees - but other than that, my standard is pretty low.  Seriously - if they fit, I buy them. 

I have been having a bit of a jeans dilema lately.  The jeans I had prior to FC (which had a small amount of wiggle room before I went) now come down without unbuttoning them.  The one pair of smaller jeans I have been wearing, are very worn out - and just not going to work.  Needing a new pair of jeans, I went to the store with the size I needed in mind.  Because luck is typically on my side (please sense the facetiousness of that statement) they had only one pair in the size I need - and they were covered in paint splatters (Why!??!?  Why?!?!?!  Why?!??!).  Being so used to not bothering to try on jeans in the store - I left empty-handed.  Today I went to another location, and finding one really ugly pair of the size I believed I need - I surrendered.  I decided to try them on, and make sure it was the size I needed.  I got into the changing room - and there were a lot of pairs of the size smaller hanging in there.  I decided to live on the edge and try them on.  OMG!!!  The size smaller totally fit!!  What in the world!?!!?!  I was completely shocked!!  It would seem that my brain might need to catch up, and adjust.

Tomorrow I am doing my first 5K.  That might sound more impressive than it is going to be.  I will be WALKING a 5K tomorrow. (and by walking, I mean walking slowly)  It is supporting Girl Scouts - so at least I am doing something better to support them than shoveling Samoas into my face.  Well - better for me, anyway. 

What is one "Thing You Love"?

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