Friday, April 23, 2010

The World is Trying to Help!

Maybe I have developed an extreme case of narcissistic behavior.  Or maybe I was just blind to everything that was going on prior to my stint at FC?  But it seems like the world has jumped on the "healthy living" bandwagon!  I have always watched Biggest Loser - but I have discovered a few new shows that really speak to me and my current situation!  It seems like even "regular" shows are having story lines about weight.  I was watching "Rules of Engagement" (so funny, by the way) the other day, and Jennifer (who is far from overweight) was trying to drop a few pounds before her wedding.  Her fiance Adam put a lock on the "treat" cupboard (who hasn't wanted to do the same?) and came home to find that she had dismantled the lock with her bare hands because she could "smell the donuts".  Oh how many times I have been in a similar situation!  The chips call to me.  The ice cream taunts me.  It made me giggle quite a bit.

I have also started watching the show "Ruby".  I believe it has been on for a few season already, but I am just tuning in now.  It is about a lady from Savannah, GA who used to weigh 716 pounds.  She is now down to around 320ish.  She has trainers, a psychologist, doctor, a group she actually refers to as "fat group" etc - and the show follows her through her daily activities.  Some of the things she has said are like she is in my brain!  When she would look in the mirror, even when she was at her heaviest, she didn't see herself as big as was.  She had to ask her friends on one episode if she used to eat excessive amounts of food - and they said she just made horrible "choices".  What they didn't see is that she would have some people who would smuggle food in for her to eat in private.  Mine wasn't that extreme - but I would eat more in private than I would in public.  The last episode had her psychologist interviewing her friends about how much their lives have changed now that Ruby has lost so much weight.  It broke my heart a little bit when they talked about how they would pick restaurants based on the chairs (so Ruby could fit into them) and how they would do extra things, because it would take her so much longer to try and do it.  It hit a little too close to home.  I am hoping this life overhaul will make me a little bit less of a nuisance. 

I also watched "Jamie Oliver's:Food Revolution" last weekend.  It is basically a show where Jamie is trying to get the world to understand that they should stop eating crap.  Hospital workers, factory workers, students.... teaching 1000 people how cook a healthy dish.  Working with the schools to get them to start feeding the students healthier food.  I wish there were a bigger component about the actual cooking/recipes - but the premise of the show is exactly what I am trying to get myself to do.  Eat better, feel better.  It is pretty interesting.

I love it when I feel like things I love (TV) are supporting what I am trying to do in life!  Like it is there to support me.  Perfect.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. You should check out the toolkit on Jamie Oliver's website. Besides that there is a recipes tab where you can find loads of easy-peasy, tasty and healthy recipes. Good luck! I'm sure the 140 pounds are on their way out!


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