Thursday, April 29, 2010

355 Calorie Pizza!?!? It is true!

I knew the day was coming.... and it finally arrived.  The days (sad that it was plural) where I didn't want to do anything.  I didn't want to go to the gym.  I didn't want to eat well.  I didn't want to do any of things I am supposed to do.  I was cranky, I wanted to eat french fries, and I wanted to sit on my couch all day.  It was that horrible former personality rearing her ugly/lazy head.  I was less than pleased to see her.  Starting Monday, I begrudgingly at well during the day (luckily I didn't have any bad options in my house, or I am certain I would have lost that battle!) and walked in the pool, and then on Tuesday my friend Linda helped me out by being able to go to water aerobics (I am certain I wouldn't have motivated enough to do it on my own).  I treated myself to a grilled cheese (using 50% light cheese and whole wheat bread - so it was still better than it could have been) for dinner.  By Wednesday morning I was feeling much better, and was somewhat proud of myself for not completely bailing on everything I am trying to do.  In the past I would have ordered pizza, sat on my couch and done nothing.  Sensatalie is here to stay!

One of the treats my nutritionist at the DFC told me about, was a pizza made on a whole wheat tortilla.  I am not going to lie to you - I was more than a little skeptical that this would be something I would like.  I figured the tortilla would taste kind of gross, and it wouldn't be anything like Carbone's (shout out to the greatest pizza EVER!).  I mean - obviously, healthier options are not going to be like delicious non-healthy pizza - but I was sure it was going to be gross.  Definitely not capable of tricking me into thinking I was eating pizza.  I was wrong!  It was SO GOOD!!  And it was only 355 calories!  The sodium was higher than I eat for most of my meals, but also much lower than eating regular pizza - so I have to count that as a win!  Here is the calorie breakdown:

  • 170 calories - whole wheat tortilla (cook in a 400 degree oven for 2-4 minutes on each side, until it is crispy.  When using a toaster oven, it took a bit longer)  Make sure it is crispy!  This will save it from having that gross raw tortilla taste!  When it is toasted on both sides, add the following:
  • 35 calories - 1/4 cup Prego pasta sauce (I just use pasta sauce, rather than having to buy pizza and pasta sauce)
  • 70 calories - turkey pepperoni.  You get 17 slices for only 70 calories, and it is GOOD!
  • 80 calories - 1/3 cup part-skim mozzerella cheese
  • I was contemplating adding peppers - but wanted to give it one try this way before I messed with it.  Adding any veggies you like to this is like zero calories - so go for it!
  • I cooked it for about 15 minutes in my toaster oven at 400 degrees.  Just until the cheese was melted and golden brown.
If you make sure to cook the tortilla before hand, it is super crunchy - like delicious thin crust pizza!  I was shocked by how good it was!  LOVE IT.

Hope things are going well for all of you!  I'll try to get back on track with updating this blog.  I just went through a few days where I had to use my focus on trying not to eat crap, and move my rear! 


  1. OMG! Tried this recipe and it's the yummiest thing ever!!

  2. we make lots of pizzas on tortillas. sometimes, though, they are not whole wheat, but it is fabulous. I don't know how bad Pesto sauce is for you - probably "superbad", but that, with chicken and a little parmesan is good, too.

  3. I had this tonight...delightful! I used the low carb tortillas...11 g of fiber for ONE and I made two. So I'm all set with fiber for the day. Thanks for the if you find a good replacement recipe for donuts you will make my life! :)


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