Saturday, July 10, 2010

Horoscopes: Amazing or Madness?

I am not a person who checks their horoscope religiously, nor do I base life decisions on the information they provide.  I do read them when I come across them - and sometimes marvel at how their vague generalizations pertain to my life.  Apparently there is a new moon in cancer solar eclipse due tomorrow (or would that be tonight?) so they put everyone's horoscopes on my computer homepage.  Except for the part about the job front I thought this was a bit shockingly right on!  I have been considering doing some volunteering - and now I think it is set!  If it is going to bring me joy, I am in!!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
You're cleaning things up on the home and job front at this New Moon, Aries. Due to recent changes that have improved your health, you now possess the energy and will to make the fresh start you've been craving. Whether it's revamping your abode or making a commitment to improve relations with family or co-workers, this eclipse says, "Go for it!" Channeling any excess energy by volunteering for a cause you believe in brings joy.

Hope you're all having a great weekend, and I hope the new moon brings you all nothing but luck and joy!!


  1. It's amazing how that happens, and I would lump myself in the completely same boat: I'm skeptical, but then something will happen and I'll think ''hey, that sounds so RIGHT it's almost LEFT!''

  2. Hi Nat,
    I caught wind of your blog just before you signed off for the month of June....which gave me ample time to get caught up on your amazing life journey. You are an inspiration and have motivated me and clearly all of your followers!!!

    I too am an Aries and am shocked at the accuracy of the horoscope you posted. Joy and Luck all around. :-)

    Many well wishes,
    Angie (Amazi) Degel


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