Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weight Is Over! The new name for my fat is.....

My most sincere thank you to everyone that commented on prospective names!!  I got a lot of giggles out of the suggestions, and there were some really great names!  I am going to run through the names, and make my ultimate decision.

Ron - I cannot use this for the same reason I couldn't use Frank.  I managed gentlemen with both of those names at my previous job.  They were both lovely, and neither of them deserve to be permanently tied to my fat.

Bernard - Definitely in the running.  It is a fantastic name for extra weight - it just sounds right!  Shout out to Melissa E. for the idea to name gym equipment.  Edward is my grandpa's name, but will forever make me visualize an elliptical machine going forward!

Bruce - I cannot use this one because I have an ex-uncle with this name.  Ironically - his nickname was "Hoggie".  Hhhhmmmmmm....

Brutus - I really liked this one, too.  When I said this name out loud, I think my FUPA answered!!  By the way - to the "Rescue Me" (one of the greatest shows on TV, with a lot of eye candy) viewers out there - did you hear 2 of the guys discussing "gunts" and "FUPAs" a couple of episodes ago?  I almost spit out my diet coke I laughed so hard!   

Gustof - I cannot use this.  It makes me think of Gasthoff's, which is one of my favorite places in the world.  (who doesn't love Oktoberfest at Gasthoff's in NE Minneapolis?)

Lydell - this one made me chuckle, so it was definitely in my top few options.

Biff - Out.  I don't really need anything as a reminder of my last job. =)  Even though he does sound like an asshole.

Dean - was definitely in the top few, basically because of the Dean/Lean connection.  Love the rhyming... shout out to Gella!

French Names - Shout out to French Fries for playing a major part in bringing us this game.  I LOVED Marcel, but it made me think of the monkey on Friends.  I don't like monkeys.  They eat, and throw, their own feces.  My flubber is bad, but not that disgusting. 

Felix - I really like this name, but makes me think of a cat.  I am happily cat-free at the present, and want to keep it that way.

And the winner is...... REMUS.  Honestly, it made me chuckle for 5 minutes straight.  Plus, lets get real.... Natalie vs. Remus just sounds great! 

I may be using the runners-up to describe other name-worthy things...probably gym equipment!!  Thanks again, everyone.  Remus and I will be back soon with another entry!

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