Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sometimes...... Part Dos

One of my favorite entries to write was the "Sometimes" entry back in February.  Ms. Val - I am copying you once again.  Here is Round II.

Sometimes...  you have to choose your battles, and decide you just can't give up caffeine right now.  Damn you Diet Coke and Diet Mountain Dew!

Sometimes...  you feel like you want to come up with a name for the pounds you want to lose.  I get tired of referring to it as "the weight".  Right now the front-runner is "Irene".

Sometimes...  you wish you could have quarterly reunions with all of the people you grew to love at Fat Camp.  I miss them.

Sometimes...  you wish you could reset your taste buds - preferably to a time before you realized how delicious fattening things are.

Sometimes...  you want to get in better shape so you can take some dance classes.  What a great way to burn some cals!  I think this stems from my recent obsession with my beloved dance movies: Center Stage, Step Up, etc.   

Sometimes...  when it is super-muggy outside, you go for a walk, and then mow your tiny yard - and kind of feel like you might pass out.  It is then that you realize you hadn't had any water yet that day, and you have a completely sweat-drenched shirt.  Not a recipe for success.

Sometimes...  you are legitimately concerned about what you are going to eat at your family fun weekend - because everything there is bad for you (i.e.: cream cheese/sour cream/sugar/butter-based.  And don't even get me started on the booze)

Sometimes...  you wish something would click inside you - and make you love food prep.  I try to listen to Rachel Ray and prep everything as soon as I get home - but I really hate it.

Sometimes...  you have visions of your much more svelte self doing really awesome things - like wearing an amazing outfit or doing something really athletic that you had given up hope of ever being able to do - and then it dawns on you that you could really do it.

Sometimes... you wonder if you might be able to break some sort of record for the most days in a row wearing fat pants. 

Sometimes...  Sarah Von does a real-life profile on you for her blog ( and you get really great/supportive messages from complete strangers - and it totally helps you get re-motivated!

Sometimes...  you are super-jazzed to have another niece or nephew on the way.  My sister Wendy is due with number 3 in January.

Sometimes...  you wish you had unlimited motivation to move.  I have the time to go walk 5 hours a day, I just can't make myself want to do it.

Sometimes...  you watch all of these weight loss shows on TV (Biggest Loser, DietTribe, etc) and are so glad you didn't cry and throw a fit while you were at Fat Camp.  I am also glad I didn't have to be on TV in a sports bra and biker shorts - - no one needs to see that.  

Do you have any better name suggestions for "the Weight"?  Or is "Irene" perfect?


  1. I dont have any jazzy names, but just want to touch base and say hi. I am glad you are blogging again...I missed it! You are in my thoughts. See you at KFFW...dont worry you know all the ways to make the meals better for you. Chicken taco salad here we come!

  2. Ahhh. I cracked the code on fat pants ages ago. You have tremendous catching up to do. :) great post!

  3. Why a girls name??? Let's stop giving women a bad name! LOL When you talk about dumping Irene you may get some turned up eyebrows. Not to give the incorrect (not wrong, just incorrect) impression , name it Frank. "Frank is hanging on, Frank won't go away, what can I do to get rid of Frank AND Frank is finally gone, woohoo!" I think the discussion of Frank will really grab peoples attention.

    Don't worry about FF Weekend...Pack a cooler with your favorite healthy snacks ready to eat and hit the road. As long as you have "your" healthy goto foods the cream cheese station that is part of partys' will not look so tempting. Call me for the low-fat Buffalo Dip to be used with celery and the words of BrownStar "It's Ammmaaazzzzzing".


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