Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Have a Huge Favor

Hello everyone!  To all of you out there that read this blog, I want to thank you!  I have learned, since reluctantly starting to blog, that it is something I really enjoy!  I also love to read through the comments! 

I am currently trying to figure out some life plans, and would like to know how many people actually follow this blog.  That leads me to my huge favor.  If you have not already, would you be willing to sign up as a "Follower" of  It is down to the lower right on the main blog page.  I would really appreciate it!  Thank you for your help!

Also - if there is something I haven't written about, that you think would be interesting - please send me an email or a comment.

Thanks again!


  1. I believe that the world of follers that are not closely connected to you should definitely hear your interpretation of taxing feminine items...because they're a luxury. That's one of my favorites...

  2. I am a Natalie follower, but have been since birth, so I don't know if I qualify! :)

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog since it was featured on Yes and Yes. I feel inspired by your journey and your courage in sharing it. The reason I keep coming back is because of your writing style and attitude. Thanks for your upbeat and healthy approach to getting healthy.


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