Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 4: you've got to move it

"Inactivity is bad for your health.  Some exercise is better than none, and more time is better than less."
-Dr. Bill Kraus, Duke Cardiologist

Today was a race!  We had what felt like a ton of classes (very interesting: heart healthy eating, and over-eating) and trying to get in exercise as well!  Luckily the class schedule loosens up a bit next week (or so everyone says) so it everything doesn't need to be such a rush.  I was trying to get from an aqua strength class to my healthy eating class.  I had 15 minutes.  That seems reasonable - right?  Just shower off, get dressed and head up the stairs.  The problems come when you have to try and get a sports bra on a damp body.  It was a 5ish minute struggle, which I eventually won.  It was probably really pretty for anyone who may have witnessed part of that as well.  I am a giver - what can I say? 

The good news for me is, that they are very consistent.  They preach everything in moderation (diet-wise) and they just want you to exercise.  I think that seems pretty reasonable.  I haven't been drinking soda - but they haven't banned it.  They understand everyone still wants to have a life - - they are just going to teach us to live better lives.  Lives that include exercise, and eating well - - but can also include pizza and diet coke.  I am a little bitg in love with whoever came up with this system.....

I will have one big test tomorrow night - when everyone is going out to do Karoake at Champp's.  I will not eat french fries.  It will be fine.  (I am including that more for myself, than for you guys)  The other residents here are great.  A couple of the good ones have left already, and a couple more will be leaving in the next couple of weeks.  It is strange - I know - that I will miss someone after only 4 days - but I will.  You bond quickly in this environment.  At least people like "Sexy Jesus" (a guy named Clay from Manhattan, who was nicknamed Sexy Jesus by Manny - the self-appointed social director - because Clay has really long hair, and a beard.  Although he is Jewish - he is embracing the name.  It is pretty entertaining) will be here for my whole stay.

I also got the whole name of the super bowl ring owner.  Casimir Banaszek.  He and his sidekick Howard are really good entertainment.  Howard is on his 5th wife, and somehow has black and blue hair.  I can't figure out what he did to get that look?  It is a mystery.....  Howard has also taken it upon himself to monitor which machines I should be using in the gym.  Howard, who is probably 70-ish, told me today "you should use that eliptical..... I was watching you (I was on the precor machine, for just your legs) and you were going pretty good on there - like 120.  You could totally do the eliptical."  Thank you, Howard.  I appreciate you keeping an eye on me.

They have had a cartoon on a couple of the slides in our classes that I think is going to have to go in numerous places around my house.  It is a doctor, talking to his patient, and it says "What fits into your schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?"

Any new ideas about what we should all spend some time each day doing?


  1. Sounds like it's going really well and they have a realist approach to healthy living.

    So what song are you going to sing at Karaoke? Can't wait to hear more about Sexy Jesus and the Superbowl champs!! :-)

  2. I am loving your story about the sports bra - often I go to lifetime with the thought that I am going to swim, but come prepared to run in case the pool is full. Most times I get in the pool - but still come prepared for the run - putting that damn thing on after swimming is a pure nightmare and oh so embarrassing in front of people - good times! If you so choose to take on the karoke tonight - I bestow upon you Just a Gigilo, my dear.

    My suggestion of what I like to do each day for my own humor and mental health - check my facebook page to see if Jeff has defriended me again and again. But that is just me :)

  3. Every day, I think we should allow ourselves to relax. Reading your blog is my 10-minute break in the day. I love it. Keep up the good work, sister!

  4. Nat!
    That is so good what that dr. said I'm going to use that one on my pt.'s at work! I can't wait until you come back I would love to work out with you! Brad wants one of those things where you hang upside down and do sit ups I tell him i see this idea of his ending badly.... love lisa and brad


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