Sunday, February 7, 2010

It all began with a "Fat Intervention"

Saturday, December 12th.  I had received an email a week or two before, requesting a family meeting.  The topic of the meeting you ask?  "Something important".  Don't ask me how, but I knew the topic instantly - I have moments of being psychic.  I told my friend Stephanie at the gym that morning that I was pretty sure they were having a fat intervention later that day.  I was right. 

With my family sitting across from me (or at least it felt that way) - - the meeting began.  Wendy was the lucky one who got to speak first.  She was apparently greeted with an eye roll, head shake and a look at the ceiling from me.  I am certain that will shock those that know me well -  I am usually so calm, and cool as a cucumber.  And really - who doesn't love hearing that they have a problem that is so pronounced, that everyone fears they may die instantly.  It is delightful.  But as pleasant as it was for me, I can only imagine it was even more fun for my parents and sisters.  I am certain there were many super fun meetings and conversations about this prior to the actual FI, because I know the intervention itself had it's fair share of tears. 

Wendy had been kind enough to compile some information on some possible "fat camps" - and forwarded that to me.  After lots of researching and thought - and some input from a friend - I settled on Duke Diet & Fitness Center in Durham, NC.  I have a link to their website on the right side of this blog, for those that want to see where I will be going.  I check in February 21st, and am done March 20th or 21st.

Despite the embarrassment of the FI (referred to as "a love intervention" by my mother) and the subsequent mortification of letting everyone know where I was going - I feel really lucky.  Who gets to go work on a personal issue for 4 weeks?  I am excited to get this show on the road.  I am eternally grateful to my family for this opportunity - although my sense of humor may not always allow me to make it sound that way. =)  I love all of you, and appreciate this more than I will ever be able to properly show you.

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