Friday, February 12, 2010

Durham..... We have a problem?

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is one week (oh my GOD - ONE WEEK!!!) until I depart for FC. Guess who is not even close to ready? This girl. I know, I know - - how much is there to get ready for? I have to throw fat pants and t-shirts in a bag and head out, right? But I think the fact that I am going into this blind, with no real idea of what I will be doing, is causing some issues in me brain. I have been fighting my usual need to have all of the facts before committing to something. I know this is something that is going to be amazing for me - so I am trying to go with the flow, as difficult as that is at times.

I have always had a tendency to wait until the last minute to pack and prepare (procrastination was inherited from both parents - shout out to Sue & Steve). That is nothing new. But trying to figure out what I need for a MONTH is new. Who, at the age of 34.93 goes anywhere for a month? I will have a car, and can shop for whatever crisis item comes up - but I am trying to avoid an immediate shopping trip, because space is not an issue. (run-on/awkward sentence, anyone?) How many bars of soap do I use in a month? (I hate the small bars they provide in hotels. Oh yeah - P.S.-I will be staying in a hotel. They do not have housing for this program) How much laundry detergent do I use in a month? These are all things that are making my head hurt.

I also have some shopping to do. I realized yesterday that I only have 2 sports bras. Two. I am guessing that isn't going to be enough to get me through a week, which would be an ideal laundry cycle. For those of you that know me well, you will really understand - I sweat like a fiend! I am hoping that the sweating while standing still will dissipate with some weight loss, but when I exercise I SWEAT. Always have, I am assuming always will. I would sweat through my jersey and t-shirt during warm-ups for softball. (I know what you are thinking... It is amazing I am single when I have such sexy attributes. You are correct - it is amazing.) I would assume I will need some jeans and shirts for the restaurant visit, and when I have visitors (that's right - I have VISITORS scheduled!! Yippee!). I will also need to up my quantity of fupa-friendly underwear. I don't need to be worrying about underwear - - I have other things to focus on here people!

I have a lot going on this weekend, but I should probably at least get the suitcase out, and start loading it. I am not always great at staying on task - so please send your positive packing vibes my way. I am going to try and channel my inner-Stephanie (the most prepared person I know) and see if that helps...

Have a great weekend everyone. I have really enjoyed my first week as a blogger. Thank you for tuning in!

Have any ideas on things I should plan on bringing, that I might not think of? Please share with me in the comments section below!


  1. Just thought of something! When I was training for a marathon I needed some anti-chaffing stuff. You can spend $112343415 dollars on stuff at a running store. OR you can go to Walgreens and buy some Aquaphor. A little where your bra strap meets your skin, a little on your waist-band and you are set! Let's chat more tonight!

  2. Natadeen Jean (must have been that time with Grandpa today) - tip on laundry - in my opinion - We love the TARGET brand detergent (up and up) - It smells good - fresh breeze or something like that - and, it seems to work good. I know one lasts us about a month and we have to do more laundry than you. :) You've got this. You just need your positive attitude and stunning personality and good looks. The rest is a trip to target. love you.

  3. Good suggestions, ladies!! I will certainly be adding both of these things to my list! Anything I can do to avoid chaffing, seems like a worth-while purchase!! When you get all of this babe moving, there are bound to be some problem areas.

  4. one thing I selfishly would not want you to forget - lots of knitting supplies just in case you find it necessary to knit your pal Darcy a hat :) Seriously though - maybe one or two of our book club books that we decide on - I find that reading usually keeps my mind busy - and my head out of the fridge. TV does not :( Esp Top Chef :)


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