Sunday, February 21, 2010


Valerie - a girl that works with my sister - had a photo album on Facebook titled "Sometimes".  I loved it.  The most sincere form of flattery is copying someone - right?  So here we go.....

Sometimes...  you are so proud of JaLisa.  1263 miles without one problem.  She is a really good "broad" (shout out to Cindy Anderson for bringing that term back into my life)

Sometimes...  it happens that the only time we are truly honest with people, and tell them what we think is great/magnificent/unique/envy-worthy about them, is when they are going through something major.  Wouldn't it be great if we told people how great they are, just because?  I'm going to work on that.

Sometimes...  you can't really believe you are where you are, about to do what you are about to do.

Sometimes...  I love it that my cousin Joel has been contacting me.  He has accomplished something extraordinary, and I appreciate his support.

Sometimes...  you have to sit at a bar to type your blog, and are surprised that you don't even want a beer - or a milli vanilli

Sometimes...  you channel Whitney Houston in your car...all by yourself... and you miss your usual road trip people (shout out to Stephanie & Marilyn)

Sometimes...  you are so optimistic about how great your life is going to be - you aren't sure what to do with yourself.

Sometimes...  you go to check in at FC, and it isn't scary at all (you all know about my crippling shyness - right?).  Everyone is so nice, and so helpful. 

Sometimes...  you get to drive with your sunroof open in February - and it is one of the greatest things you have ever experienced.

Sometimes...  when you are in your car for 20+ hours in 2 days, you start to talk to your car.  Like it is a person.  Seriously.  Sometimes you do.

Sometimes...  I am going to punch the guy (I believe mentally handicapped - which makes it even more hateful) if he doesn't leave me along and let me finish this blog entry.  Luckily the guy here for his Master's interview at the Divinity School (Churchy stuff) is his new target - and he has to be nice to him.  Jesus is making him.

Wish me luck everyone!  It is my first day tomorrow!  Any "Sometimes" to add?  I would love to hear them.


  1. Sometimes . . . February 20th is like New Years Eve. You have to get a ride home and then you find one single glove in the driveway the next morning from when you fell out of the car.

    Sometimes . . . events like this cause me to create my own 12 personal commandments (stolen idea from The Happiness Project). #1. Stick to 2 drinks per night.

  2. celebrate your 6th anniversary, you and your husband will go out and take unfair advantage of an unknowing babysitter while you take the challenge of not celebrating over a devine dinner...but choosing your cabinets for your new bar, trying to purchase a new TV and surround sound system, and trying not to say, "i don't care."'re so happy to hear your sister so happy and positive. It's the way it's meant to be for you to be unstoppable.

  3. Sometimes Cindy Anderson has some really good nuggets of information - everyone should use the word "broad" in a sentence.

    Miss you already Nad - the other day at the "Mixx" class at lifetime - the instructor said "This day has not been lived yet - make the most of it" Now granted that was in the middle of Apple Bottom Jeans (with the fur), but I liked it :)

  4. sometimes... i keep walking by your office to say good morning, but you aren't in there. and i'm like, "huh?" and then i remember and i go, "oh, yeah!" and smile because you are doing something so cool.


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