Monday, February 8, 2010

You have to apply to go through this?

Some things requiring applications have always made me giggle.  I have wondered why one has to "apply" to do things that it seems to me - no one would want to do in the first place. 

I have had friends who have run marathons, and the application process always baffled me.  You want to run 26.2 miles.  You are willing to pay to do it.  You want to spend months training, go through numerous pairs of shoes, get up on Saturday mornings to go "practice" running up to 20 miles.  On the day of the event you could: lose toe nails, have your nipples shaved off by repeatedly rubbing against your shirt (unless you are Sven Sungaard - then you just go sans shirt) or spontaneously crap/pee your pants.  Willing exposure to these things is silly to me.  Having to "APPLY" to be able to do them seems even more silly!  (right now I am really wishing "Sillier" was a word)  The fact that not everyone that wants to participate, doesn't get to participate, is the most silly.  To my friends who have finshed: I do not write this to diminish your accomplishment - - you are all amazing.  It just seemed like a decent segway into my application process.

This has all been eclipsed by my new experience.  Who would have dreamt that applying to fat camp would be any more than: Are you fat?  If yes, you are in.  If no, you are still in.  I was somewhat surprised to find myself looking at an 8-page application.  It included questions from: have you ever been accused of being anorexic or bulemic (seriously? - - I am applying to FAT CAMP!!) to has anyone else told you that you might have a problem with alcohol use (uh oh) to have you ever been hospitalized with a psychological problem (oddly enough - not yet).  The doubts started to roll in.....  What are their grounds for not accepting you?  Could I be too fat for fat camp?  HOLY HELL!!  What if everyone went through Fat Intervention for nothing?!??!??!  Not to worry!  I was accepted (obviously) almost immediately. 

Onto the next super-fun part of this process: the mortification of telling everyone I am off to Fat Camp.  Everyone has been so great, and really excited for me.  I have received some of the kindest emails I have ever read.  Thank you to all of you for your encouragement.  Don't be surprised if you see my number pop up on your phone when I get back.  I may need help being talked off the Big Mac ledge.... =)  You are all amazing.  Having such a great support system makes this seem entirely possible.  


  1. OMG...your blog is awesome...I am so excited to follow it!! You can do it Natalie...I will help cheer you ON!!!!!

  2. Nad - I think what I find most funny about this specific blog - are the nice medical type pics that you found :)


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