Sunday, February 28, 2010

Days 6 & 7: It's the Weekend Baby!

As I am sure most of you can imagine - there isn't the same work-load, class schedule here on the weekends.  We have a lot of time to ourselves (to attempt to use productively) and no set responsibilities.  One one hand, it is great to have a bit of a lull, after such a hectic week (hectic according to my body!!).  It is also a little scary having that much free time. 

Luckily, I have found my new outlet: Water Volleyball.  It is entirely different here, than anywhere else.  (I haven't gotten yelled at or berated once, which is a nice change of pace)  We play with a beach ball, and we play in water up to 5', there are a lot of participants (so there isn't a lot of area to cover) and you can have as many hits as you want/need per side.   I played Saturday and Sunday morning.  Very entertaining!!  I am glad I will have this to entertain me on the weekends, so I don't have nothing but free time - and get myself into trouble!

I also took another water aerobics class on Saturday.  It looks a little bit like the pic on the left, only with a lot less smiles, and a lot more waves.  Lots of interval stuff - so luckily no one has drown, yet! =)  My fitness guy wants me taking a water class a day, and then an aerobics class a day, or cardio 30-45 minutes.  I also get to fit weights in 3 times a week.  They are REALLY working to whip me into shape!  If anyone can, they can! 

I did learn a smidge about vitamins (which most people who don't live under a rock where health is concerned probably already know) but there are vitamins in the multi-vitamin that are water soluble and fat soluble.  That means you shouldn't take your multi-vitamin on an empty stomach, or even with breakfast in most cases - because you have to have some fat in order to absorb everything. (shout out to my parents - - the king and queen of vitamin intake)

Thank you all for your comments!!  They are so appreciated!  I love reading through them - and they definitely give me some chuckles, motivation, etc.  One note on the comment entry - - when you enter your comment, make sure to update the "COMMENT AS" line under the comment box.  There is a drop down menu there, and you can pick "Name/URL".  That will pop up a box that you can put your name in the name box, and hit OK.  Then everyone (most importantly, me - because it really is all about me.... right?)  knows who wrote the comments. 

Thanks everyone!  Talk to you tomorrow - as I start my 2nd week.  Time is FLYING!!!!


  1. Well I have finally found your blog sister!! I have spent around two hours catching up on all your posts! I do not know if it took me that long to read but I had some snot and tears.
    It made me cry but also made me laugh-hard! I am so proud of you Nad, you sound so possitive and motivated.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! OH! I almost forgot, George and especially Wilbur wanted to tell you, MEEEEEOOOOOOOOWW!" at 7 in the morning...

  2. Natalie - My biggest concern is that you don't go tearing your calf muscle while you're playing water volleyball. You know that can be a real issue!


  3. OK - I likely have to apologize for berating and yelling during volleyball in the past. I have improved, but not eliminated the "you must win" freakism inside of me. Sometimes I share it with others. While you're working on this and your mad skillz, I'll work on not expecting everyone to treat a water volleyball game like it's the life-end worth determination factor. :)
    I'm happy to hear you are enjoying yourself and I'm loving hearing all your stories. You're doing great! I knew you would.

  4. Natalie - I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog. Your writing is hilarious and this sounds like quite a journey you are on. You could write a book! Your outlook and attitude seem great. I've always known you were a strong person - keep it up! I wish you well and I'm thinking of you often.

  5. Seriously---I might even consider attempting water volleyball with a beach ball--I hate that darn volleyball! The total wuss in me wants to cry everytime it hits my wrist! If only we could convince that Kath family to use a beach ball on the sand! Love your posts Nad! Keep up the good work and know you are thought about often!

  6. Have a great second week Natalie! I think you should start a water volleyball league when you get back. :)

    Keep up the awesome work you're doing!

  7. I just was thinking of Mexico and the sexy man who would come over the intercom - Aqua Volibal!!!!! Oh dear, I hope there is not that same guy at your pool :)

    Do you think they would let us gals in for a class next weekend with you? :)

  8. Nat! I love the water Volleeyyy there techno music playing in the background?!

  9. Hi Nad well I'm trying this again. I wrote you on Saturday, I was almost done, THEN hit some stupid buttom with my cast and it was gone, ya I know, I was broken down and couldn't do it again. So here we go again. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, thats great. We didn't do much. Steve and I were both sick on Sat. so we didn't go to R&As, sounds like we missed a good time oh well. The beachball vollyball sounds great if we played that maybe we could have more than a couple one man teams at Kath weekend. Just a thought. It sounds like things are going pretty good for you, that makes me happy. Keep the possitive attitude, your doing great. I'll go for now talk to you soon love you Buggie and Steve.

  10. Hey Nad

    Your stister is just teaching me how to send you a this is just a test...I'll write more later.

    Love Auntie Rhonda


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