Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 8: No Longer a Newbie

It is weird to think that I am no longer new!  I have an entire week under my belt!!  I am a seasoned veteran!!  There are all sorts of new people coming in, so now I am trying to be one of the helpful/experienced residents.  I am not nearly as good at it as my FC friend Norine (who one guy thought was my mom - and who oddly enough, shares a birthday with my real mom) who has a total gift of gab!  She speaks to everyone, and is nice and outgoing as I am closed off and crabby.  We are a good match. =) 

I did forget a couple of things from my weekend entry, because I was so focused on finishing so I could watch the USA/Canada hockey game (do you even believe that game?!?!!??!!?  So high, to so low, in like 15 minutes!!)  Here are some updates:
1.  How absurd is it that someone's shoulder hurts from water volleyball?  Mine did.  It felt like I had just wrapped up my first day of softball practice.  It was insane!!  I also need to share some details that will help paint a picture of how skilled these players are.  I have been nicknamed "Super Star" and "golden server".  Seriously.  For those of you that remember my mad skills from the D Squad (yes - I said D squad - like they took the best players for the A team, the next best for the B, the next best for the C and then what is left?  Oh yeah - us on the D squad baby!) team in Jr High - you will understand how insane this is.  These games are NOT competitive, but it keeps me moving, gets me out of bed, and is still very entertaining.  Especially now that my wounded shoulder has started to feel better!  At least I didn't tear anything (shout out to Stephanie and her calf muscle!)
2.  I have used one of my reward suggestions.  I downloaded Damages from last week (the GREATEST show!!) and was not allowed to watch it until I got my butt on the treadmill! (shout out to Jason O.)  I am trying to think of other shows I can do this with.  Now that real TV can resume because the stupid Olympics are over, I should be able to come up with some new ones.  I am thinking Psych (shout out Christopher James Fing Hastings) is the other show at the top of the list.....

My goal for this week is to fit in more exercise, since I won't be so bombarded with classroom classes.  I think I got off to a pretty good start today, partial thanks to Damages! =)  We had a virtual grocery store class today.  I am somewhat fearful that my next few trips to the grocery store will take me about 3 hours (shout out to Bridgett) because I am going to have to start reading labels!!  I know this won't last for long.... I'll figure out what I need to buy, and it will be just fine... but for now - I am going to be going through some ch ch changes.  Anyone want to act as my complimentary personal shopper?  Here are the DFC, we are eating a really low sodium diet.  Now that I realize how great you can feel eating low sodium (around 1500mg of sodium a day - - recommended is 2400mg a day) I want to try and continue that, as much as possible.

My parents, especially my dad, will also be happy to hear that I have been given a couple of "tests" (helpful things my sisters and I are asked to do when we are visiting my parents.  Mine are usually related to electronic things) down here, too.  Cas & Howard went out and got themselves some podometers (or "odometers" as Howard calls it) which measure steps and calories.  Cas took care of putting  the batteries in, but the setting up process seemed like more than they were willing or able to deal with.  I asked if they would like me to do it, and don't remember the last time I saw such relief wash over anyone's face.  I had them both done in 15 minutes (shout out to my "young mind" as Howard deemed it), and am now referred to as the "Technician" by Cas.  These guys crack me up.

Here's hoping you have a great week!  Good night!


  1. If they were impressed by your "odometer" skillz. Imagine what they'd think if they saw you install some curtains from IKEA!?!?!!?

  2. Hi Nad - Glad to hear you are getting some enjoyment out of this whole thing :=) Life is good!!

  3. Shout out to Nat for reaching goals and getting rewards on iTunes! Glad to hear it's all going well.

  4. We need pictures of your friends. Visual=needed! :)

  5. Well..always know you can use the line "I'll punch you in the eye if you don't stop putting salt on that" :-o

  6. I am so proud of you Natalie. Keep up the good work.

  7. Sounds like you have this place down pat...keep it up!! You are going to do great!! Always here for you.....keep rewarding deserve it!! :) Lori


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