Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reality Check

Exercise Fairy: Natalie??.... are you there??... Natalie??

Natalie: yep - right here!

Exercise Fairy: Just because you are feeling much better than you were a month ago, doesn't mean you are suddenly in shape. Get some perspective, and take it easy. It took you years to get this out of shape - you aren't going to correct it in 4 weeks.

Natalie: yeah - that was made glaringly obvious tonight. Thanks for stopping by.

Today I was trying to be a hero (and by hero I mean: an out of shape person attempting to exercise twice in one day. See also: person who bit off more than they could chew). I met a friend this morning for some weight lifting (I am REALLY hoping I am able to lift my arms tomorrow) and then had a walking date with another friend this afternoon. I have been walking on the treadmill for 40-45 minutes at a time, recently adding a very moderate incline. I somehow believe that prepared me for a 3+ mile walk, with HILLS, outside. Needless to say, it did not. It did not prepare me for 1/2 of that walk! I was huffing and puffing like a freight train, and I made us turn around after about 6 minutes. It took us longer to drive to the trail, than I was able to spend walking. It was ridiculous, and embarrassing, and sad. Looking for the silver lining, I found the following:
  •  I tried to do something, rather than come home and sit on my couch
  • my friend was a total good sport, even though I completely wasted her time
  • I have a goal.  Walking around that lake.  And hopefully that will help me keep going to the gym.
  • on my way home, I didn't stop for fast food - which is something I normally would have done.  The thought process would have gone something like this: I can't walk anyway because I am fat and out of shape - what possible damage is a Big Mac going to cause?
Even with this set-back/emotional kick in the shorts, I feel good - and am still very optimistic about how much better my life is going to be.  I just have some additional work to do.  I will be able to walk around that lake, and when I can there will be a celebration.  You will all be invited!

Have a great evening, everyone! 


  1. phalen is about 3mi, too. whenever you want to give the lake another shot or just a rehearsal, let me know! :)

  2. I am so happy that you can find the silver lining! When you do dominate that walk around the lake, it will feel amazing! You can do it sister!

  3. I think showing up and putting the effort forward fo the lake walk was exceptional! Now you can use one of your "crafty" rewards!


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