Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 17: "Weight" a minute!

Today is Wednesday.  Now class - does anyone remember what Wednesday is?  That is right - Wednesday is scale day.  I wouldn't exactly describe my feeling as "anxious" - but I was definitely not sure what the results would be.  At breakfast this morning there was a bit of an .... umm.... let's say "irritated" theme.  People who had already weighed in, and it hadn't gone well.  One gained a pound, another was only down .5 pounds - needless to say, it made me somewhat concerned that the scale God's were messing with everyone at the DFC.  I have been making a conscious effort to make sure I am doing my normal activities when I don't weigh in until later in the day - - making sure I eat, exercise and drink water like I normally would - so I don't get completely fabricated and inaccurate loss (hopefully loss, anyway).  I ate my breakfast (1/2 of a monte cristo sandwich - HAM? Really?), fruit, yogurt and then went and walked for a while (Damages and Psych episodes are seriously saving me!  This "you can't watch your show unless you are on the treadmill" rule is really working!!).  I then chugged some water, and went to my medical appointment, and drumroll, please......... it went down by a decent amount, AGAIN!  YIPPEE!!  After dinner out this weekend (even though I felt like I held it together pretty well) I wasn't sure how much that would mess with it?  It isn't the greatest thing that you still can't tell I have lost anything by looking at me - but I feel so much better!!

Today I had the "volumetrics" class.  It is based on eating larger amounts/weights of foods that are less caloricly dense than other options.  The theory is that getting to eat more will help you feel more full.  Very interesting.  Nothing too shocking - - still tells you to eat more veggies and less pizza - but there were some parts I thought were noteworthy.  There was one part about "apple crisps" (basically like apple chips - which are apparently FRIED like an actual chip - EWW) that said you could eat 3 ounces of apple crisps, or you could eat (and I am not kidding about this) 4 whole apples + 4 pretzel rods - for the same amount of calories.  Ouch.  You could have 1/2 of a bagel (from a bagel shop - without cream cheese.  Just the plain 1/2 bagel) OR 2 whole wheat waffles w/ 2 tablespoons of light syrup and 1/4 cup of berries.  You are getting the point with this - - it makes total sense, but it is amazing how this obvious information doesn't dawn on me when choosing my foods.  I may be less mentally capable than I thought!

I totally had another topic, but can't remember what it was.  I am having a serious problem with mush brain!  I think not having anything to worry about, stress about, read about, etc for 2.5 weeks has rendered my brain inoperable!!  Either that, or it is the lack of salt or lack of diet coke (no caffeine since I started here - SERIOUSLY!!) making me a little more slow than usual.  Yikes.  I might want to think about picking up a book when I get back to my room!

My sisters have their tickets booked to fly down and drive back with me!  I am so excited!!  I am used to seeing each of them multiple times per week.  It is strange how long 3 weeks feels!  I am certain we will have a ton to talk about, and that should definitely help make the drive more fun!  Notice to fellow travelers: we will be on the road February 20th & 21st.  Beware!

I want to send a Shout Out to Roger Krause - who is finally feeling better, and recovering from Pneumonia.

I also want to send a shout out to my friend Jason, who got engaged to his lady Pam in Italy!  Congrats!

Man...I really love shout outs!


  1. I am sure Roger loves the shout out! But am also certain he won't be able to figure out how to respond - so I am doing it for him! Glad the scale went well!!!!

  2. Way to go with your new friend the scale Mama Nat! You are a rockstar, who can do anything that she puts her mind to!!
    Three weeks is a long time and I know that me and your nephews have missed having you around! But the time has flown by, I can not believe that next weekend we will be on a plane to meet you! I can not wait to see the place you have been working so hard at! It will be fun!

  3. Hay Nad A BIG SHOUT OUT to you, good work with the scale god's. Can you get print outs of the food weight thing? If you can we would love to have one. Sounds like your week is going pretty good. The weather here sucks rain and fog cloudy all week long. Maybe 50 next week I can't wait. Hope you had a good day talk to you soon love you Buggie and Steve


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