Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 18: The Cooking Demonstration

Today I got to have the best classroom class, EVER!  It was a cooking demonstration done by one of the Chef's at the DFC.  Derek showed us how to make our own marinade for Chicken (it is so delicious by the way - and has NO salt), roasted veggies with Feta cheese (OMG - I love Feta Cheese!!!), carmelized onions (gross) and the chocolate tofu parfait (I now feel fully equipped to make it!!).  Of course everything looks super easy when you are watching a trained professional cook - but none of these dishes look like they are out of my capability range (amazing - because I am not a whiz in the kitchen).  He even told us to use the left over veggie stuff to make our own vegetable stock.  This could be the awakening of a culinary genius within me.  Wait.... no it isn't - but it is a nice thought.  I would still pay good money (or rather, I wish I could afford to pay good money) to have a cook on staff!!

I was also told a couple of days ago that Dom Deluise (see picture on the left - I hope no kids read this?  If they do, sorry for the inappropriate picture.  It made me giggle when I saw it, and I had to use it) attended the DFC when it was at it's old location (and he was still alive - RIP DD).  Not only did he attend the DFC, but he was kicked out of the DFC.  I wasn't sure you could get kicked out, but apparently you can.  If you are trapped at Fat Camp, and really want to free yourself I suggest using the following - proven - tidbits to assure yourself a quick exit:
  • Bring booze to the DFC, and drink it openly.  That is correct - bring alcohol to a weight-loss place, where overall health is the focus, and drink it.  It may also help speed things along if you offer it to your fellow residents.
  • When staying in the housing units across the street from the DFC, repeatedly order pizza for delivery.  Do not make any attempt to hide it by ordering after hours.  Order it during the day, while you should probably be at the DFC doing something (classroom classes, working out, etc) and for good measure - order more than one pizza.  Pizza is something better enjoyed in multiples, right?  Right.
Today was Zumba day.  I tried it... again.  It is really fun - except for the extreme amount of sweating that is done by this girl (me/Natalie).   Seriously - disgusting.  I love the music, and knowing the electric slide has FINALLY paid off!!  I didn't realize you could get to the age of 30+ without knowing that dance, but you can.  I also have to be hateful for one second - I apologize in advance.  I am not claiming to be the girl with the best rhythm, but the woman in front of me today makes me look like a competitor on "So You Think You Can Dance" (the best dance show - Shout out to Jill Kurzawa).  It was so distracting!!  She was all over the place, and it was never the right place.  She was doing regular aerobics moves (marching, grapevines, etc) with NO change made for the music/dance style.  She was a bit of a flailapuss (shout out to my sister Wendy who I believe coined the phrase?).  OK - I am done being mean now.  I just needed to get that out.  

There wasn't a lot of excitement today....  more exercising... it is sad that even more people I now call friends are doing their exit appointments.  Next week is going to be really weird.  I also just did my last menu (thank goodness - that is so much work!!) which was a little odd.  It is proof that my departure is rapidly approaching......  

What am I missing in Minnesota?


  1. Rain and rain and rain :(. But mid 50's next week and I will start to watch the weather for you girls :). Not too much going on though---LT was here to chat with the vikes, Joe Nathan might be out for the season and we all miss ya, Nat! Great job down there this week sounds like a good week, right on :)

  2. Please bring home these recipes to share! I can't wait for you to give us a cooking demo. I promise that we will not show up late because we'd had too much wine in the street!

  3. yep, lots of rain! all of the food sound delicious! i have so much fun reading your blog, keep up the great work, dawn

  4. Nad, what are you missing in minnesota you ask? Shit for weather that's what. Thanks for the email I'd love the info. It's Steve's B-Day today so R&A and SJ and I are going to osakas for supper. Yes I do get my cast of at 3:30 today there is a God. Rhonda had the big colon thing done at 7:00 this morning so we have a few things to celebrate should be fun. Untill you went to DFC I didn't realize how much we celebrate with food being the main form of entertainment,maybe sometning we should thinking about. Thanks for the daily updates love reading them.Have a goog weekend talk to you soon love you Buggie and Steve

  5. You're not missing anything in MN, but MN is definitely missing you - there is some serious 'Natalie withdrawal' going on.

    Oh - and sign me up for that cooking demo when you're back. I can't wait to see the culinary genius live in action.

  6. If there were no flailapusses in the world, what would people with rhythm have to stare at with their mouths open?

  7. Shout out to Rhonda for apparently having a successful "Big Colon Thing"!!! (please don't punch me in the baby-maker though Rhonda...even though I do have "old eggs") Karlene is absolutely is shit for weather. Everyone misses their Natalie...I have been warming up these vocal chords of mine so we can practice our duets....remember...I have a Kareoke Machine and I do travel!


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