Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Weekend Back

My first weekend back in Minnesota was a busy one!!  I got to spend it surrounded by friends and family - it was fantastic!  It was amazing to get to spend time catching up with so many people.  That being said - I am EXHAUSTED!!  I also have the feeling I am getting sick, so I need to get this entry done fast, so I can get to bed! 

Friday night I got together with some friends.  We cooked one of my favorite dishes from the DFC - Bourbon Chicken.  The fun value was up there (it requires lighting it on fire to burn off the alcohol!!) but it doesn't taste as good when it isn't completely cooked for you!  It still tasted fine - just not as good as I remembered.  My friends gave me a bunch of completely unnecessary - but SO LOVED and appreciated - gifts!  The light America's Test Kitchen cookbook, a gift certificate for knitting stuff and a pedicure, my new fave salad dressing and art supplies!  I seriously have the greatest people in my life!  I am not exactly sure what I have done to deserve this treatment - but I am grateful for it!  It is so great to be back!

I got to head to Owatonna (my hometown) on Saturday for a fun-filled day of hair maintenance (eyebrow, mustache, sideburns waxed - hair trim.  I even got some longish bangs going on!) and cabinet stripping at a friend's house.  The cabinet stripping left me with leaden arms, and sore hands - but was fun to hang with my friend.  On Saturday I went to one of my favorite restaurants (shout out to La Plaza Morena) for lunch.  It was my first meal I hadn't made for myself since coming home.  I love, love, love, love their chicken quesadilla.  I had the lunch size portion, no sour cream, and drastically limited my "unlimited"chips and salsa.  I think it was a pretty successful restaurant trip!  I got to have what I wanted, made a couple of modifications, and it was delicious!  I then had a very light dinner, so I don't think I did too bad.  Plus - I had to have burned some calories with my manual labor - right?  Then I got to hang with my parents and my nieces Saturday night.  I have missed all of them a lot - so it was great to have a tame night in! 

I am feeling a cold coming on, and fighting it with everything I have!  I slept for 10ish hours last night, and am hoping to get close to that again tonight!  I have been a gym slacker, but active, this weekend.  I am looking forward to getting to the gym in the morning, so I can watch the Psych finale on my iPod! 

Did you have a new "success" this weekend?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. From what I have seen of stripping furniture, I think that you may have gotten a sufficient work out without even going to the gym!
    Also, good work on limiting your unlimited chips and salsa! You are stronger than me.

  2. I think the Bourbon Chicken night was awesome! And a shout out to Darcy...Her three biggest fears:

    Sadly and not suprisingly she has concrete evidence and experience to fear these three...but she conquered it with letting us flame that chicken in her presense!!

  3. There was a fresh plate of doughnuts and a bag of oranges on the break table I took an orange. Thanks for the info on peas I have been eating alot of sugar snap peas so I switched it up to cauliflower and gourment mini cukes. I also am now adding almound milk to my coffee rather than real milk alot less cals and it actually tastes better I get such a high on finding foods that are lower in cals and taste better than the higher cal choices. Brads apple jack is now done it should be called apple wiskey he was quite excited to see that a half of bottle could make him forget all the stories he told me last night so I could hear them again in the am. I also came home to homemade beef jerky last night for dinner from the homemade meat smoker I am going to get a picture of it and the creators of this fine machine I think you will be somewhat fancinated. way to go lisa and brad too.


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