Sunday, March 21, 2010

Days 26-28: Bon Voyage FC

I have run myself into a fairly serious time-management issue over the last few days, which has led to a lack of posts.  Well... that, and the fact that we drove 20 hours to get me back home.  It is as hard to get your blog updated when you are trying to spend time with new friends before you leave as it is to update while attempting to drive while holding your eyes open so you don't die in a firey crash.  The good news is, my travels are over, and I am home - safe and sound.  Here is a little bit of what has been going on over the last few days:

Friday: I get into the DFC for breakfast, my final medical appointment (all of the stuff that was supposed to go down, did, and the good cholesterol went up a little bit - so everything was great.  I was even referred to as having "rapid weight loss" by my doc - so that was new.  WAY better than "rapid weight gainer" - which is the title I have been running with long as I can remember), and I got in a walk on the treadmill before I went to pick up my sisters at the airport.  I got my "sack lunch" from the cafeteria, and headed for my car.  I checked my phone before leaving, and noticed I had a missed call from Wendy.  Uh oh - they missed their flight.  Listened to my messages....yep - they missed their connecting flight (sad for them, but very entertaining for all of the ladies sitting near me for lunch when I told them the story).  I don't mean to throw them under the bus, but I will tell you there were bloody mary's involved.  I am certain Wendy will elaborate on the story on her blog, later.  They arrived a couple of hours later - and it was fantastic to see them.  I was also glad to see that the mayhem that occurs whenever Wendy & I try to do anything together, has also carried over to Wendy & Mackenzie.  Wendy brings it - she is the common thread!  I took them on a tour of the DFC where they met some of the other residents, and then we went to get ready for our evening.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • We went to a seafood restaurant that is owned by one of the guys I met at the DFC.  "Fishmongers" is delicious (I can personally vouch for the pulled BBQ chicken, and the grilled zucchini is AMAZING - and everyone else liked their fish/crab legs - even if it was a lot of work to eat it) and shocked Wendy that I would consent to eat at a seafood restaurant.  I haven't grown enough to actually eat the seafood, but I will now go to restaurants where that is their primary food type.  I am a changed individual!  
  • We then went for a couple of beers at the bar next door.  The place was lousy with starers (they had apparently never seen such beauty as my sisters possess).  There was one guy who was hammered with a capital H, who proceeded to order, and drink, a pitcher of beer by himself.  He had a bit of an issue with spitting while talking, and he also have a LOT of love for Ms. Mackenzie!  Lucky for us, his friend bought us all drinks, so it made up for it.  It was a very entertaining time, until the bouncer and a guy (who had his underage girlfriend with him) got in a fight.  The decision was then made to go to a different bar.  
  • With Manny (a friend from DFC) in tow, we hung out at Charlie's for a few hours.  It was Wendy's turn to attract her usual - a much older gentleman who wanted to love her.  He was wearing a fishing cap, which gave the illusion of being a sweet old man who just needed friends.  Not so.  He had eyed his prey, and was stuck like glue for the evening - even when told "you do realize there is no chance of this happening, right" by Mackenzie.  He was a harmless perv, but he was relentless!!  Maybe his old age caused him to be completely unobservant?  We finally had to succumb to our fatigue at about 1:30, and head back to the hotel. 
Saturday: I got up and went to the DFC for water volleyball and water aerobics.  Those sisters needed to sleep - they had a really long day on Friday.  I had lunch, said my goodbye's (sadly - there a lot of people I am REALLY going to miss!!) and went on my way.  We pulled out of the hotel at 12:59pm CST.  We made the decision to try and drive straight through - to just get home.  Wendy had her laptop, so at least the person in the back could watch movies.  The drive was pretty uneventful, with the exception of getting pulled over in Indiana because my license plate light is out (oops - forgot about that).  Mackenzie only had to hold her breath once while driving through a mountain in Virginia.  I also had to stop and get a diet coke and an egg and cheese biscuit from Hardee's (I figured eggs and cheese were better than eggs, cheese, sausage, ham and bacon - - right?) and it was delicious.  Diet coke is fantastic - I may have to re-think cutting it out of my life.  That biscuit may have been the most delicous thing I have ever had - everything in moderation, right?  It was a long, exhusting drive - but I am home.  I love my bed.  Mackenzie spit-polished the entire house - everything looks so nice!  She also bought window markers, and put some quotes on our mirrored closet doors - and made me a big sign on the fridge with a quote from my blog on it.  It was a great surprise - I LOVE IT!  I have some really fantastic sisters. 

My biggest obstacle right now is that I am exhausted, but I need to eat.  I am thinking the salad bar at Kowalski's is calling me.  Or maybe a fruit smoothie made in my magic bullet (I will finally really start using all of these kitchen gadgets I have!!!)?  I don't have it in me to do an entire shopping trip today - that is on the schedule for tomorrow.  Real life is kicking my butt already.  Don't worry - I won't let it win.  I'm focused on doing this, and will be successful at getting my life back.  It is time to do this thing on my own -- well.... on my own with a lot of supportive friends and family!


  1. Love that you are back in MN!! You can put 'all' choppers to work!? Just remembering the line awhile back about being on a diet / living a new lifestyle as being like having a second job. Makes me giggle.

  2. Just so everyone knows...bloody mary's were involved a little, tiny, so small bit but Delta also had our flight leave fifteen minutes early from another gate!


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