Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 22: The Final Countdown

It was my last Monday at the DFC.  I am still not sure how I feel about it.  I am thoroughly enjoying the time I have had to concentrate on myself, with no distractions - it has been such a gift!  But I am also very aware of how important my friends and family are to me.  I cannot wait to get back home!  I am certain that this feeling is fueled by the fact that everyone has been so supportive, and I know I can count on people at home to meet me for numerous (see: never-ending) gym dates!  LifeTime Fitness in Eagan may go into shock when they see how often I will be there!!  So long "fat tax" (what I have referred to my monthly gym membership fee as, when I never went to the gym)!!  They will be earning their money now! 

Today I had one classroom class on the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.  Duh.  I get by now that it is good!  The class only lasted 30 minutes, so they must realize that as of week 4, most people here understand how beneficial it is - they don't have to jam it down our throats.  I walked on the treadmill while listening to ESPN (I LOVE basketball tournament time!), went to chair aerobics and yoga (wait until you hear what I can now do), and did my "strength training" (the 9# bar felt like it weighed about 342# today.  I did not love that). 

But onto the exciting news (please keep in mind that this news is exciting to me.  Non-fat people will not understand - and it is completely relative, as so many of my accomplishments are so prepare yourself for possible underwhelming)!!  During chair yoga we had to cross our ankle over our knee for a stretch - something I have not been anywhere near able to do in a LONG time..... and I could do it!!  I had to yank on my pants a little bit to get myself settled - but I could do it!  Amazing!!  It was right up there with the elation I expect to feel when I can finally see my wrist bone...or clavicles.... or any of the many, many, many, many (you get the idea) other body parts that have been buried under my "insulation" for as long as I can remember. 

Other than that, things were pretty uneventful today.  Tomorrow I believe I get to share my prowess in the field of technology with a couple of the ladies at the DFC.  We will be having iPod/iTunes 101 after lunch.  It is nice to feel knowledgeable. 

Have a great night, everyone! 


  1. NadaJean, I have been following you (as have my two best buds, it's sort of like discussing a soap opera but by far more hilarious and it keeps our lunch mates entertained at the same time)with much delight. I wanted to comment on your ipod expertise. I know Stephie has had to call you in a couple of times to ponder my current dilemmas but I am now called "Techno Granny". I handle one friend's account completely and consult with others through their newbie stage. It surely makes my family laugh as I don't know a an iota compared to "youse guys" but I'm sure having fun with it. I am so excited to see you get excited about this whole process. I went with Stephie on our recent bridesmaid dress shopping day to Whole Foods to get that new salad dressing. I can't wait to be home long enough to try it out. With St. Patty's day so close at hand I need to end with an Irish Blessing to you. May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door, and happiness be with you now and bless you evermore! Or just for fun this curse...May those who love us, love us;
    And for those who don't love us,
    May God turn their hearts;
    And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles,
    So we will know them by their limping! Karlene's friend must be on crutches!! Travel safely and hope to continue to hear from you. Deb

  2. I thought of you this morning as I did a somewhat jazzy move in a class at Lifetime :) I think Stephie and I were talking about a potential weightd "class" for her and I to work out together on Wednesday mornings - I need her instruction and tuteledge...that may be a good one to do together :) But looking forward to many upcoming Lifetime visits!

  3. Sign me up for the gym dates! You've inspired me to try a couple of classes - Latin Fusion here I come. Can't wait for you to get home!! :)

  4. Hi friend. I am still in a never-ending search for my clavicles too. We can hopefully find them together!

    I love that my mom figured out how to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I was so sad that I couldn't keep up with the posts while we were in Italy, but I grabbed my coffee and sat down to catch up this morning (work can wait a while). It sounds like an amazing experience, and you have conquered a lifetime of experiences. I can't wait for 'Nat Can Cook' classes. Sign me up. Shout out to your ankle and knee getting to say hello! I know it's not easy!

  6. Hi Nad - So glad to hear this has been a good adventure. Sounds like you will be able to teach us all a thing or two :=) We made it to and from Mexico quite easily. Small delay on the way there, but not bad. We had a lot of fun and sun. Met some interesting people; most of them Canadian. Some who really wanted to 'talk' about the olympic championship hockey game. Your Dad found a kinship with some big men who liked to play a lot of volleyball so he was happy. Seeing as his mens team is still surprisingly in the playoffs he should be set for tomorrow night. Now it good to be home.
    Love, Mom

  7. Sister, I am so excited to come and see you, it has been too long. But I think that you should be prepared...I know that we will laugh and have a great time, BUT I know that I may be a slight bit emotional and have to cry a lot. How do I know this you ask? Well, real tears ran down my face with the news of your ankle meeting your knee as Jason said! Is that silly?? Maybe, but I am just so happy for you!


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