Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 16: Freedom!

Today I had no classroom classes.  It was lovely.  No time restraints, no rushing from place to place.  I only had to exercise.  I loved it.  It is rare to have this kind of free time!  I slept in, did water aerobics, played a little bit of water volleyball, and actually had time to sit in the hot tub for a bit.  I then did some walking on the treadmill and met with my nutritionist.  I started working on my meal plan for the first few weeks I am home. 

I am trying to prepare myself for my new life requirements - planning, planning, planning!  It is going to be quite an adjustment!  I know there are a lot of people who operate this way - always planning things out, always having their list for the grocery store and sticking to it, mostly being healthy.  I have some opportunities for improvements in these areas (to say the least).  Luckily, Leslie (my nutritionist) is working with me on some decent options - and I am now armed with some delicious & healthy options.  She is also bumping up my daily calorie allowance, so that will help make sure I have some wiggle room.  And the food is only half of it!  I still need to get my butt to the gym!!!  I'll get it all figured out - it just seems a bit overwhelming when looking at it from the safe cocoon of the DFC.

I apologize for the lame entry today.  I don't know that anything noteworthy happened today!  I have kind of been dragging all day, and now my brain is following suit!  I will attempt to brainstorm, and come up with something interesting to share by the end of my day tomorrow.  Have a great evening, all!  Behave.


  1. Hi Nad, you probably just needed a little down time. We all have those days, and we need them. Hope your day is better. take care love you Buggie and Steve Oh we got the garage door fixed today it looks like new. SJ is happy.

  2. Hello - we never met (am a friend of friend...) but am living vicariouly through you on this amazing experience you are doing!!! Thank you for the daily updates - they are very motivating to me. Keep up the great job. And I can't help much with the exercise at the gym when you get back...but if you ever want to walk around the Lakes...drop me a note! Paula (pjk96max@hotmail.com)

  3. Natalie - as an update to my trip to the Nail Salon on Saturday - all of my fending off of my ticklishnes tendencies was all in vain - Tuesday night swim resulted in destruction of my "Revved up and Reddies" - Sad - but okay - swimming felt really good :)


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