Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caught you!!

My old phone was rebelling last weekend, so I was unable to get these pictures uploaded before now.  Here are a couple of nice shots from our night out in Durham last Friday. 

This will come as a shock - but this is one of the people who could not stop staring.  He is also the one that ordered his own pitcher, even though he looked plenty full.

Wendy snapped this pic while telling him "Caught you being weird!".  Priceless.

When we went to the 2nd bar, Wendy found a boyfriend.  He looked harmless, with his fishing hat and oldness - but this dirty bird was anything but.  I cannot write the things he was saying - it makes me blush.  You'll have to ask Wendy if you want to know. 

He was told by Mackenzie "you do realize this will never happen, right?"

Just another night out with those sisters.....


  1. "Caught you bein' weird" is my new favorite line, so funny! Also, that old man had lingered around far too long and I just wanted to make sure he knew...

  2. Hi Nad so sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy as it sounds like you have been, so I'll try to get back on track. SO NICE to know you are back home. hope you'll be around for Easther it will be nice to talk to you face to face. Thanks for the letter from DFC I'll reread it a couple of times in hopes that I won't do or say something that isn't helpful for you. Hope work is going good,I'm sure they are glad to have you back also. Yes I do know first hand how much more work eating good is, when Steve and I were thinking we should eat better I remember it taking a long time to clean fruit and veggies it is worth it in the end because if it is ready to eat you do eat it but getting to that point does beat you up a little. shout out to you for doing it. Sounds like you night out got interesting. I'll have to ask Wen about it . Well I just wanted to say welcome home, glad to have you back,hope to see you soon. I'll write soon. Love you Buggie and Steve

  3. I also wanted you to know. That when we were talking to people in Durham, they advised that we should stay far away from the "Down Under Pub"... That is, unless we wanted to get ourselves some cocaine. So it makes me laugh that it is at that bar, that you met many a friend. "Caught you being weird" is going to be a new catch phrase!

  4. I guess there's one other thing that came out of this adventure that I never saw coming...I forgot how funny my sisters are. We have approximately 37 gut-busting laughing moments. I am totally the common link with the crazy encounters, but I can't help it. I attract old men..."They call it the knuckler" and I "Catch" some people being weird. Nad - so great to have you home. Kenz - Your semi anxiety lives on as a very funny moment. :)


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