Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 19: It's finally Friday!

It is amazing how exhausting it can be to have no responsibility other than working out!  So ridiculous, I know - what am I whining about?  But I am tired!!  Not so much physically (like I was the first week - I felt like I could drop) but my brain is tired.  Must be all of the inactivity?  Luckily I am planning to take advantage of my last weekend here to enjoy some R & R.... well, in the afternoons, at least.  I have to go play water volleyball in the mornings, to continue to school these folks on what some D Squad training can do for you!!  Between my previous 7th grade experience, and my "pretty good" coordination, I am next to unstoppable!!  I have had a few suggestions via the "comments" section of this blog to try and introduce this beach ball variation of the game to our family at Kath Family Fun.  I am guessing it still won't take!  It is necessary to be super-competitive at all times!!  Maybe we can work it in after Steve runs his skills clinic with the whiffle balls and bats?  I'll think on it....

I had no classroom classes today - so I just did some exercising.  Walked on the treadmill (tried to kick it up a couple of notches, and between that and the new humidity in the building - I was one sweaty mess!), did my strength training, attempted a small amount of belly dancing (I don't really know anything that has utilized my grace and fluidity of movement quite like this!!  I was a MESS!) and then cardio circuit in the pool (we used steps in the pool!  Pretty cool).  It is amazing how much more I can do in only 3 weeks!  It is amazing what eating well, and moving your rear will do for you!  Yesterday I have a couple of ladies commenting on how fast I can go on the eliptical machine - which is hysterical, because come on!  We have all seen me move.  Fast is not an adjective to describe it.  I guess when you are so young, and pretty coordinated - you can do amazing things!!  Did I tell you that one lady guessed I was 22?!!??!?!  Hysterical.  I love it.  Bless her heart - I think her eyesight needs to be checked. 

I have discovered two great things (I am certain there are more, but for now I am going to just list 2 that really stand out) about doing this blog. 
  1. It has gotten people who rarely used their computers to use them almost daily!  I have gotten so many comments from people who read regularly, and I didn't even know they checked their emails!  They may have needed a small tutorial (shout out to my sister Wendy) to get started - but now they are on a roll!!  Everyone is becoming so much more technologically advanced... it is fantastic!!  Not to mention, I LOVE reading the comments!  I feel like it is keeping me in touch with home, even though I have been away a long time.
  2. I have gotten emails, and comments, from people I have never met.  Friends have forwarded the blog to friends, and so on - and I love that!!  I always knew I wasn't alone in the battle of the bulge - but it is really nice hearing from other people who are finding some sort of motivation, understanding or just entertainment - reading about my experiences.  I love that!  I never would have thought that was possible when I started this thing.  It is sort of amazing.
Tonight for dinner we had BBQ chicken (it was shredded) and it was so delicious!!  I felt like I was eating "real food" (I am REALLY going to have to stop calling it that.  It needs to just be "food" to me going forward!) and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Definitely one of the meals I am putting on the good list.

I also have a tip for people who love to eat salads, but haven't found a dressing they like that isn't a zillion calories.  We use "Galeo's" Ceasar dressing down here.  It tastes nothing like ceasar, but it is scrumptious!  I have been told they sell it at Whole Foods - or you can order it online.  It is low in sodium, and only 30 calories for 2 tablespoons.  It is Miso based (whatever that means!) which is apparently some sort of delicious magic?

Well - that is all for now.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  I will be enjoying my last weekend here (I can't believe it is my last weekend already!) by laying low, and watching movies.  First up?  Love Actually (LOVE IT!!!)

Suggestions on how to better spend my time?  I will entertain other options.... =)


  1. So happy to hear that all is it has been that long already!! time really does the fact that she thought you were 22...we are 21 forever remember!! :) so you have to promise that we will get together sometime soon!! you need to meet Will he is such an amazing little guy...I am in Mommy heaven!! again...I know I say this everytime...I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! Keep up the great work and so excited for you to come home and keep it up!! if you ever need me...ya know how to find me!! take care sweetie! Lori :)

  2. Hey Natalie,

    Miso is one of those weirdo foods. ;) Another of the amazing gifts of the soybean, in this case, fermented. Incredible! She doesn't know it yet, but next week, I'm forcing Wendy to drink juice directly from a coconut. :)

  3. Ah, juice from a coconut...Well, I'll embrace that moment, Darcie. Natalie - I tried to buy the coco water stuff - can't remember what it's called - and it tasted like the smell of a fresh and clean port-a-potty. So, Darcie, with all or her worldly skills - said she'd get a babe coconut and we would drink it. Such fun. I can't wait to try it. Maybe we can share in the joy in a couple weeks if one of us is brave enough to go to the asian market. Darcie has survived it many times, but I'm not so sure. ;)


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