Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 11: better late than never?

So sorry for slacking away, and not getting a post put up last night.  The day was a bit of a marathon, and it just got away from me. I will do my best to make up for it today - I promise.

Thursday brought something new to my life.  Zumba.  It is a latin dance inspired aerobics class.  As those of you that know me well can attest to - I have some REALLY sweet dance moves.  I was just happy to finally have a venue where I could showcase them in front of a large group of people.  (I am hoping all of you are picking up on the sarcastic nature of the previous statements)  I am not a skilled dancer.  I believe I have some rhythm - but have kept dancing to a minimum lately because it is a lot of working moving all of this bod (except for the occasional victory dance during beer pong - - shout out to my poor friends who had to witness that).  I was still not sure how this class was going to go - - I suspected it would be fairly fast-paced (which is not ideal when you are on the non-super-tiny end of the spectrum) and probably out of my cardio capability range.  I was partially right.  It was fast paced.  I left the arms out of most of it, but I was shocked to find I could mostly keep up!  I was sweating like a .......  well - I am not sure what I was sweating like - but I was drenched in sweat!  It was fun.  Keeps you moving and entertained - except for the end when we had to "freestyle".  Seriously.  Everyone takes a turn going into the middle of the circle, and you have to copy what they do.  You can bet your bottom dollar I did some shimmying.  That is my signature move, after-all.  They didn't throw me out - so I guess that is something.  The bonus?  I can still move this morning!!  I was slightly fearful yesterday that that would not be the case. 

I also joined the group for karoake on Thursday night (I only stayed out until 10 - and that seemed late).  It was entertaining to say the least.  It was also nice to dry and curl my hair, and put on jeans!  Who would have thought I would miss real clothes?  Lots of people here can sing - it is a beautiful thing.  One guy even sang "Family Tradition"  - - so that was fantastic.  I am a bit sad I was unable to get a picture of Kenny Rogers' twin, who came in about 20 minutes before I left.  He looked more like Kenny (pre-surgery) than real post-surgery Kenny does now.  The greatest part is that he got up to sing as I was leaving.  What was he singing you ask?  Lady by Kenny Rogers!!!!!  I think it may have been his twin.... for real!

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  Marilyn, Darcy & Stephanie have landed - and I am REALLY looking forward to having some people I know, around.  I am hoping they picked JaLisa, (my sweet car - with the missing passenger side mirror) or else she was stolen!  They are being beyond great - coming to join me for a water aerobics class, lunch and a behavior/lifestyle class tomorrow.  Then I think we will do something outside on Sunday because it is supposed to be 60+ degrees!!!  I think we will maybe take a break from our usual activity (eating and drinking) - and I appreciate them for that!

I have learned, through some of the meetings here, that I have the greatest friends and relatives in the world!  Everyone who has sent me comments, emails, cards, etc have been so supportive!  I have even gotten emails from people I don't know, who have read this blog and can relate (thank you to the people who have shared this blog with others!!) - and I get nothing but kindness and support!  I have been a part of some discussion groups here, and have realized just how rare that is.  There is one girl who had not one, but two, ladies come up and tell her "you aren't as fat as your grandma said you were".  I am not making this up!  What was that grandmother saying about her, and then what is going on with these ladies to think that is something that is OK to say?  One guy told people he was coming here, and they said something along the lines of "well you should have gone 3 years ago".  Nice.  People are awesome.  Others have had the "well you have tried so many other things, and it hasn't worked - why do you think this will" comments.  I have had NONE of that.  I know I definitely could have had those statements directed at me - but that just shows how truly lucky and blessed I am.  I have said it before, but I want to make sure I keep saying it.  You (everyone who is rooting for me) are all so beyond phenomenal, and I am grateful every day to have each of you in my life.  [This just made me think - granted, I haven't heard from June Hanson (who squeezed my then pregnant sister's arm, and asked if she was OK because she was so puffy.  As our cousin Justin would say - "her's a bitch") so there is still a chance someone will blow it! - shout out to everyone who has been offended by June - I know the list is long!]  There are so many people who have only destructive people like that in their life - and somehow I got all of you.  Life is good.

Ever had someone make a funny, but inappropriate comment to you?  Please share.


  1. Hi Nad well the same person who said that to Wen made a wonderful comment to me also. We were getting ready to go on a trip and she was very happy that she had lost some weight,the bad thing was she had lost a lot of it in her boobs. She told me no you really don't know how small they have gotten well actually I look like you now.... thanks, that was the first 5 min of the conversation. 10 min. later I was told what big kath teeth I had and how strong that gene pool has lasted. thanks again oh well I think you have heard this before just wanted to refresh you memorie. So glad to here your friends are comming to see you, hope you have a great weekend. Talk to you soon love you Buggie and Steve

  2. Hey Nad,

    Sorry I haven't posted a comment sooner. I am VERY retarded when it comes to blogging, facebooking and stuff like that. I love reading your posts each day...they truly are hilarious and inspiring. We all have something to work on. Maybe they have a "FC" for computer illiterates like me? HA HA! Anyway, I wanted to let you know how great it is that you are doing this and the Yennie household is still cheering you on! ~Allyson

  3. Hey Natalie, I'm glad things have been going so well for you!! I finally caught up to reading your blog this week, sounds like your doing great! Marie (Retrofit). :)

  4. Well, "Really, you're puffy, is there something wrong with you?" was definitely the most offensive comment anyone has ever made to me. I'd say I've had pretty positive people around me all my life. To verify what June said to Karlene, Shout out to Dr. Rohrer (my orthodontist) for providing the best entertainment for the world around me to enjoy in years...I asked him if he thought he could align my teeth without pulling any - to which he responded, "I'd say your teeth are in the 95th percentile. We really should pull some." I don't blame him - that was his professional assessment and I could sure afford to lose some square footage of the buckers, but REALLY! :)

  5. Hi Natalie! I've been reading all along and think its great that you are doing so well!

    I wanted to share a funny, inappropriate comment...not directed at me, but embarrassing, none-the-less...

    My 3 yr old and I were at Wal-mart one night and she saw a younger somali boy. She shouted out to him that he is "Michael Jackson!" I about died laughing.

    -Holly (Retrofit)


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