Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Segment of the Journey.... New Blog Layout!

It’s been shown that people who write down what they eat and drink have greater success losing weight than those who don’t.

That being said – I have decided this Sunday (because that is the first day listed in my journal) will be the day I start my journal entries for food/exercise.  I was given a monitoring journal by the DFC, and figured I should try to be the best fat camper I can be, and actually complete it.  I think the part I am looking forward to the most is the measuring portion (like with a tape measure).  I love any opportunity to see how many feet there are around my trunk, limbs, etc.  I get to re-measure weekly, too – so that will definitely be something to look forward to.  I just hope my knitting measuring tape is long enough to get around all of this babe!  I don’t think I need to complicate this already unpleasant experience with math!!

While reading through my new journal, I found a new bit of info.  Green beans are also a starchy veggie.  Really?  No Corn or peas – and now green beans?!?!!  I should have put it together when they didn’t have beans on the salad bar at the DFC – but I just over-looked most of it so often it didn’t even occur to me!  They really want me to live on broccoli and cauliflower for the remainder of my days!  Or cucumbers, which are almost all water – and therefore super-good for you!

At the beginning of my manual, they also have some helpful hints on how to cut down your portion sizes.  1 ounce of meat is the size of a matchbook (that seems a bit tiny – doesn’t it?) and 1 cup of potatoes, rice or pasta (which would be 2 starch servings) will look like a tennis ball.  Anyone who given any diet program a go has been told to ask for a to-go box when your food arrives, and pack up ½ right away.  My new helpful hits had this helpful nugget at the bottom: make whatever is left on your plate unavailable or unappetizing.  Cover it with a napkin (oh no!  I can’t eat that – it is under that heavy, immovable napkin!) or sprinkle it with salt (don’t they know that fat people LOVE salt!??!!  That makes it better, not a deterrent to eating it!!)

The real high of my return home?  I put on a pair of jeans that haven’t fit in…. let’s just say - quite a while, and they went right on!  I didn’t have to go through the typical fat girl/tight jeans dance that I have had to in the past (this typically involves: some jumping while trying to simultaneously yank the jeans up, laying down on the bed in order to get them zipped, fighting to a sitting position to then “test the seams” with some forward and side lunging – just to see how much the seams can take before they give way).  They went right on – and I wore them all day, without losing the blood flow to half of my body.  What a victory!!

What was your latest victory?


  1. Huge victory girl! I had a small victory the other day - despite being super scared I was "forced" to move into the fast swimming lane - even though I was lapped once, I was proud for only being lapped once :) I found that was the best swim I have had in awhile although it took me a half hour for my cheeks to not be beet red :)

  2. I didn't know about the jeans - I have to make sure to check in on this more regularly!!!!

  3. You look great. I can't wait until we can buy you a belt. Can we do one with a big belt buckle to just enhance the excitement of each notch?!


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