Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 9: Not Much New Going On

It is amazing the things that become "hot commodities" when you are eating a low cal/low sodium diet.  Last night I treated myself to a 3oz potato (1/2 of a baked potato, about the size of a computer mouse).  When I got back to the table (because we eat cafeteria style, with trays and whole bit), a lady named Wendy from Sydney, Austrailia, was beyond jealous.  "You got a potato?!??!?!"  I asked her if she wanted part of it (I had a double-serving of bourbon chicken staring me in the face, and wasn't starving).  She said she didn't want to take part of my potato.  I asked her if it would make her day to have part of my potato.  The answer?  Yes.  I made her day.  1/2 of my baked potato went to Wendy.  It just made me chuckle.  When, in my former life, would 1.5oz of baked potato ever have been such a treat?  There was a new girl named Lauren on the other side of me.  When she left the other ladies said I should have offered it to her - I would have had an in with the new girl.  I informed them that she "didn't know the value of a baked potato" because it was only her first day.  Everyone agreed, and it started a fairly entertaining conversation about our favorite FC foods.  My personal fave so far?  The Spinach Manicotti.  It was SO GOOD!!  They have also found the most delicious Caesar dressing (which tastes nothing like regular Caesar dressing) but is delicious.  They have been out for 2 days.  I am expecting a full-blown revolt if they don't get it in by lunch tomorrow.  You don't mess with people and their food at this place!

Today wasn't too exciting.  More exercise, more classes.  My classes today were kind of touchy feely behavior classes.  We are working on goals, red flags that those goals aren't going as planned, and a back-up system to get back on track.  Nothing too interesting to share with the masses.  It was a pretty tame day overall at FC... nothing too noteworthy to report.  I have, however, discovered a new problem.  Trying to figure out when to color my hair, when I won't be in the pool the next day - and turn my hair green.  I know, I know.  If that is my biggest problem, I shouldn't complain - but it REALLY needs to be colored! 

I realized today that 3/4 of my entertaining co-residents are leaving this weekend!  Manny, Cas, Howard, Katie, Colin, Zack..... all of them will be gone next week.  I know it sounds crazy that I am going to miss them - I have only known they existed for a week and a half - but you bond quickly at FC.  I think everyone is just so happy to have other people who understand their struggles, fears, embarrassments, accomplishments -that you become close faster than in the "real world".  I am going to miss things about all of them.  I just hope we are able to solve the mystery of Howard's blue hair before he leaves.  It is mystifying.  I know a request has been made for pictures - but I am not sure how to make that happen.  I will work on it.  Maybe they'll think it's cool that the "technician" wants to put them on her blog?  Maybe.

As of today, I have not seen Rex Ryan.  That appears to be a myth.  Who knows - maybe he'll show up some day.  Again - not much new going on.  I am going through a bit of a spell where you have some growing pains with the people you spend the bulk of your days with.  The same core group is in every class together.  I have heard the same comments, stories, etc WAY too many times.  The teachers rotate, but the participants really don't.  I have had to dig deep, into my storehouse of patience.  They are all so nice - so it is nothing personal.  I am just going through a phase where I am really looking forward to some normal/familiar this weekend (Stephanie, Darcy and Marilyn are coming to visit and I am so excited!!!!)  The positive?  I am REALLY enjoying my workout time.  My headphones are on, and I don't have to listen to anyone.  It is magical. 

As I sit at the bar, typing this blog, some skinny woman just got onion rings.  Boy - do they look gross.  I sure am glad I don't have to eat that stuff at FC.

Goodnight all!  Tomorrow is my first weigh in since I got here (I am feeling different, but I don't look any different).  Wish me luck!!


  1. I am laughing my ass off over a few things:

    1. Hot item - baked potato - totally understand.

    2. Thinking of you having the sit thru these peoples stories over and over. I can just imagine how nuts that is making you! I can just picture your face as you try to bite your tongue.

    3. The reference to D squad volleyball.

    Thanks for giving me some entertainment for the night. Although I did actually get out to a movie with Derek. We saw "Up in the Air". The kids were at a "play date". I like the movie - god, Clooney is hot for an older guy. Glad to hear you are doing well. Talk to you soon.

  2. 1. I am a bit disturbed by the comment "Clooney is hot for and older guy". Dear god what does that make me! Not hot for a middle aged lady?!

    2. Blue hair is not mystifying...it comes from years of "Grecian Formula for Men" Back in the sixties before it was acceptable for men to have their hair professionally colored they had to pull down the shades, lock the bathroom door and comb it in. I think there was only one shade of Jet Black/Blue. I bet if you riffle through Howards things you will find a box of Grecian Formula for Men. I am not positive the Ancient Greeks ever used this formula...Wikipedia may have the answer. I know, I know....once again I am a trough of useless information.

    3. We all miss our Natalie...as the Urban Dictionary says "I gotta get me a Natalie"..however if Natalie won't come to us we will come to Natalie. Get ready for us to join you in water aerobics and a stroll by the river! I am 150% positive we can entertain ourselves without a bar stool involved :)

  3. Nad, don't worry about your hair, I will bring you my gave swim cap---green and gold glory---with a beautiful G on it :).

  4. You are sure to have lost weight. When I stopped drinking soda because of the baby I lost 5 lbs in one week. Plus you have been eating differently and you are more active. I know you will do fine. Baby steps!

  5. All I can say is that the skinny girl with the Onion Rings most definitely thought they were gross and that your 1/4 baked potatoe was best. :)
    I can't imagine that you haven't lost lots of weight. Let me know how it went if the # is fun. You don't have to share if it's not. :)

  6. Natalie, the Potato bit is killer! Great to see that you are doing well and in good humor- SHJ

  7. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie - we are super excited to come and visit you! We have missed you. Also, I'm glad to see that you are being as generous as ever. It takes a special person to donate "half that reuben sandwich" (or in this case 1.5 oz of baked potato). Can't wait to see this cafeteria in person! Talk soon!


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